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  1. ltg123

    ltg123 New Member

    Hi - Got a new In-edible 2 as a replacement for the old one (which had the infamous crappy charger port). Moved all my songs, photos, etc. to computer. Couple of questions about the apps --

    1) I know that my paid apps are on Google. But, the free apps - I moved stuff to my SD card, but from what I can see from various threads here, I guess I can't just move them to the new phone via the SD card?

    What's the best way to do this with a non-rooted phone? Should I just move them back to the phone, and then use AppBrain?

    2) How do I best wipe this phone so that Verizon and any future owner of my phone (because I am sure it will be a "refurb" one day) doesn't get my personal and other data? Is there an app that will do this for me? Or a good set of instructions?

    3) If I wanted to move stuff to my computer from the SD card - what's the file name in the Droid for the card?


  2. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    First, welcome to the forum.

    1) Moving apps to the SD in Manage Apps does not move the entire app to the SD. Some of the app still resides in Internal memory. When you activate your new phone your paid apps should automatically download to the new phone. Your free apps you will have to go into the market and re-download them one at a time.

    I've never used Appbrain so I can't help you there.

    2) Do a Factory Reset.

    3)No too sure what you are asking here. If you use a file explorer you should see a /mnt directory. This is your SD card.
  3. ltg123

    ltg123 New Member

    Thanks - You would think with all this technology, they would find a way to do this a little better. There should be no reason that I can't move an app to a SD card.

    Yes, /mnt. That's what I was looking for. Didn't know what it was in the directory. Thanks --
  4. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    There are ways to move the entire app to the SD if you root the phone. However, some apps do not run well or at all if the entire app is on the SD.
  5. ltg123

    ltg123 New Member

    I am actually glad I didn't root it, the charger ports on these phones is notorious for coming loose. VW gave me a free exchange, which they wouldn't have done if it was rooted.

    BUT I have another question. Google is supposed to push paid apps to the phone - but I went to my google wallet, and can't figure out how to do it. There's no link on the list of apps I bought that says to re-download....Should there be? It's not doing it automatically.
  6. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    I have not had to replace my phone, but when my wife had to have her's replaced, shortly after she activated her new phone and logged into her Google account her paid apps started downloading automatically. After that she went onto a PC and logged into market and went to her apps page. From there she had and free apps sent to her phone she wanted back.

    In your apps page they will show "installed" but that's ok. You can click the "Installed" button anyway to send them to your phone.
  7. ltg123

    ltg123 New Member

    Well, it turns out that they sent me a lemon as a replacement. Can't see what's on the card, because a) the slot is bad and b) there's no way to make the phone a "drive" when you connect it to the computer.

    This is really frustrating. Makes me want to get rid of the thing entirely.

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