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  1. japus

    japus Active Member

    Firts off, I would like to say hi to everyone, since this is my first post. Also, sorry if this topic has been discussed already, but I did a search and was unable to find what I needed.

    Alright, lets get to the question. I have a Moto Droid and just recently I received a notification about running out of internal memory space. Is there a way to move the apps from my internal memory to my SD card without rooting the phone? If this is not possible is there any way to free up more internal memory space?

  2. SinfulDragon

    SinfulDragon Well-Known Member

    you JUST got it and are running out of space??? holy crap did you spend the entire day downloading every free app or what? I'm not out of space, nor even close to being out of space and have countless apps on my phone.

    but to answer your question, I don't know of a way to do what you are wanting to do, rooted or not.
  3. square

    square Well-Known Member

    not possible yet (even with rooting).

    go to settings>applications>manage applications (menu sort by size and show all apps). see what is using up your storage, delete apps you don't use and delete caches. should free up some space for you.
  4. japus

    japus Active Member

    I've had the phone for a month or two. My wife has one too and she has plenty of space. That is why I am confused about this. I just don't under stand why my internal memory is so low. I hae already gone throu and deleted some apps that I don't use on a regular basis but beyond that I don't know what to do.
  5. SinfulDragon

    SinfulDragon Well-Known Member

    are your pics/vids being saved to the internal memory (is there even such an option for that?).
  6. japus

    japus Active Member

    Thanks for that tip. I did this and found free battery status app by Android Apps was taking up a whopping 130mb. This is odd because if you look at the app in the market, it says it should only be 66kb.
  7. square

    square Well-Known Member

    wow...something isn't right there.
  8. SinfulDragon

    SinfulDragon Well-Known Member

  9. japus

    japus Active Member

    uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now it says it takes up 128kb. Guess I will just keep an eye on it and see what happens. Thanks for the help.
  10. chadwick108

    chadwick108 Well-Known Member

    Just recently also ran into phone memory running low on storage space due to the same problems with the applications on the phone situation. As of now applications on moto droid installed to phone memory. I also watched a youtube video today about android 2.2 running on droid will allow the applications runnning to be stored on the sd card. Update also is supposed to help with phone and browsing speed to compete with other devices. For what it is worth...I think that the droid is by far one of the best and most advanced devices off all time. I know I won't be trading mine for an iphone anytime soon!
  11. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I'll add this - I'll never F***ING trade in my DROID (or any other Android-based phone) for an iPhone. EVER!.

    (btw, you're replying to a thread from January - just thought you'd like to know).
  12. micp1480

    micp1480 Well-Known Member

    Wait, you can load programs to your SD Card, but your Droid must be rooted in order to do the following:

    Apps2SD moves your apps to the SD card, freeing up more room on your phone. As of the latest_version, apps2SD is not necessary, however, this may become a requirement in the future.

    This is not recommended if using less than a Class 4 SD card, as it may randomly eject and cause all sorts of issues.

    A Class 6 card is strongly recommended.

    This will erase EVERYTHING from your SD card, so make sure to back it up before you start !

    Some of these instructions are for Cyanogen's latest recovery console (version 1.4); Amon_Ra is recommended
  13. shell222

    shell222 New Member

  14. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor

    Absolutely you can do this while rooted. You can move your applications to SD, whether or not they were specifically designed to be moved. The exceptions are widgets, and also system apps such as AmazonMP3, etc. Doing this doesn't erase your SD card or alter it in any negative way.

    You have two methods by which to move your "unmovable" apps to SD while rooted. The first is a market app called "Move2SD enabler." The second is to use Titanium Backup (also on the market) for root users. The first method simply enables the "move to SD" button that is normally greyed out when managing your applications. This works for apps that normally couldn't be moved to SD. If you use Titanium Backup, you can backup to your SD card and optionally move that app so that it runs from SD, as well.

    WARNING: These apps WILL move your programs to SD, whether or not they were originally intended to be run that way. Thus, some apps will screw up and malfunction when you move them against their will. Use at your own risk. At the very least, flash 10.1 and Skyfire work fine when moved to SD, and that alone saves nearly 18 Mb of space on your phone. Neall
  15. mumof7kids

    mumof7kids Member

    Good day, I've had the same problem with mine but now i can move things to SD Card, the problem now is that when i switch my android off all my app are not on the SD Card !!!

    Help plz
  16. AngelMikoMiko

    AngelMikoMiko New Member

    Hi! The thing I learned since I got Droid Bionic at Day 1 from Verizon Release is whatever you encounter the problem, do reboot the phone (just power off and on)
    I have couple questions and problems before even people started to post theirs, and I needed to talk to Motorola by chats and e mails couple times.
    Most of problems I encountered were solved by just simply doing rebooting it, so I think they need to work on this problem, though.
    I really believe this error message of memory problem is a kind of bug unless you really are sure you have too many applications you added to the phone.
    Hope this helps..
  17. Spaz888

    Spaz888 Active Member

    Another FAIL for Google. They cant seem to implement the most basic features. Why on earth is there no way to save apps onto your external SD card? I just noticed that all my APPS are backed up to an mnt\sdcard\ folder which is clearly not my SDCARD, rather the internal memory storage location. The funny thing that some apps will you to move your app to SD Card in the form of .asec.

    I now have to move all my backup apps and anything else backed up on my internal SD to my External SDCARD which we all now is a PIA within Android. Argh.
  18. amoliski

    amoliski New Member

    It's not a FAIL for Google, it's an (understandable) fail in your understanding of what's going on in a Linux-based system.

    The root of your phone isn't like the 'C' drive of your computer, it's more like the 'My Computer' folder. The /mnt/ directory is where external filesystems are mounted. For example, in Ubuntu, when you plug a thumb drive into your computer, it's contents will appear in a 'folder' in /mnt/. The /mnt/sdcard really IS your SD Card.

    If you put 16 gigs of music or video on your SD Card and plug it in, it will show up in /mnt/Music (or whatever), even though you have a fraction of the space that should be able to hold it.

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