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  1. gwynfe

    gwynfe New Member


    Just got my One X as an upgrade from my previous Desire. In latter (running 2.3) moving from email to email using standard app was easy with arrow keys. Can't find way of doing it with ICS and am constantly having to go back to Inbox to open next/previous email. Grateful if someone would point me in right direction.


  2. SouthofOttawa

    SouthofOttawa Well-Known Member

    Just swipe to the left or right on the opened email and you go to next one!
  3. gwynfe

    gwynfe New Member

    Thanks but unfortunately not on mine.
  4. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Swiping left or right gives you previous and next email in the Gmail app but not in the deafault email app.
    If this feature is a must have for you perhaps you could find an email app in the Play Store that does this.
  5. SouthofOttawa

    SouthofOttawa Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I assumed you were talking about the gmail app
  6. gwynfe

    gwynfe New Member

    Thanks for advice.

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