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  1. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    I have got my contacts off my iphone and put them onto windows contacts, is there a way i can put them straight onto my note 2 from windows contacts or have i got to input them manually ?

  2. Alice Kaye

    Alice Kaye Well-Known Member

  3. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    i cant find contacts when i log into gmail, also it uses my hotmail account to log into gmail but i have got a gmail email address but dont know password, i click reset but it still uses my hotmail one...
  4. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    i can now get onto my gmail one so i think i should be able to do it
  5. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    i have got my contacts onto gmail but now how do i get them onto my phone ?
  6. alamoe

    alamoe Well-Known Member

    When you log into your Google account on the phone it'll sync contacts automatically.
  7. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    managed to do it osmehow :), cheers :)
  8. Harplayr

    Harplayr Well-Known Member

    I use an aplication called Companionlink for Outlook.
    This syncs my outlook contacts and calander on my computer with Google and my phone so all 3 are current and up to date.

    With my new phone as soon as I set up my Google account on it, then it will import all my contacts and calander to the phone.
  9. dylane

    dylane Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know how to transfer my contacts from an old Verizon feature phone to the Note, without using Google. I've bought 2 other Android devices and the store used some tool to sync my contacts with my Google account and then download them to the phone, and both times they did this is completely screwed up my contacts. Merging some contacts, duplicating others, associating the phone number with the wrong contact. It was a mess, and one that wasn't easy to fix. This time I'd like to do better, and start by telling Verizon to leave their hands off my phone. But I don't know if their is any other way to get the contacts out of my current old phone, There is no SIM, no SD card, I don't have a cable to hook it up to my computer. Not sure what's left.
  10. Alice Kaye

    Alice Kaye Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I fell back asleep after I responded to your thread, lol. Glad to see you got it all squared away! :)

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