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Moving files from my old SD card to new oneSupport

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  1. chok8853

    chok8853 Member

    I want to transfer all my files from my 2gb SD card to my new 32gb SD card, is it ok to just copy and paste everything from my 2gb SD card to the new one? Will it affect the apps installed in the SD card? Or is it the only way to transfer or there's something I have to do so that it won't affect my apps or whatever? :confused::confused:

  2. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    As far as I know whenever you move an app to the SD card it is saved into a secure folder. If you try to copy the whole content this will not be copied, honestly I'm not 100% sure about this but this is the answer I've seen around in many places (I have not tried it myself). Everything else will be fine.
  3. chok8853

    chok8853 Member

    hmmmmm, so is there another way to transfer all files to the new one? Without leaving any files from my old SD card behind?
  4. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest you to move the apps back to the phone memory. This way you won't lose any. As for music, videos and pictures they are all saved by default on the memory card. Then again while copying a memory card to another the only thing that won't copy is the apps you moved to the SD so if you move the apps back to the phone then you only need to copy the actual files on the card.
  5. chok8853

    chok8853 Member

    okay, thanks! then I will just move them all back to my phone :)
  6. mohitgoyal

    mohitgoyal Member

    HI ... Just read carefully...

    In android OS... there are two folders in memory card
    1. .android_secure - This is a hidden folder and can only be seen in mass storage mode. this contains all the data of the applications stored on memory card.
    2. Android - this is not the hidden folder and contains few data about the applications installed on phone.

    Whenever u want to transfer data from one memory card to other just connect ur phone in mass storage mode and copy these 2 folders in the new card. Just make sure the new card is connected through the phone and not from some card reader. All other stuff can be simply copied in new card. After u do this ur all applications whether they were in phone or memory card will work fine and ur phone is now equipped with a new memory card.I have done this on my Sony Ericsson Neo V and its working brilliantly.
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  7. amycrouch79

    amycrouch79 New Member

    trying to figure out how to transfer all my data and apps and everything from my old 2gb to my new 16gb. i cant do it the way i used to so i dont know how to do it.. please help. dont want to lose pics or anything important

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