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  1. bakimbug

    bakimbug New Member

    I'm wondering if there is any way to move files from my phone storage to the internal storage. If so, how?

  2. fisterkev

    fisterkev Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about apps or files like .pdf files and .jpg files?

    If you are talking about actual files you can use an app like ES File Explorer (or any file explorer app) to move the files around.

    If you are talking about moving apps from your internal storage (the phone storage) to the micro SD card then no.

    There is actually an A2SD partition (about 469 MB on mine) that is part of that internal storage that I believe that you can move apps to. When I use Apps 2 SD app it moves them somewhere, I believe here. I know it does not actually move them to the SD card...
  3. bakimbug

    bakimbug New Member

    I'm talking about files, not apps. I tried using the file explorer app to move my files but I get a message saying that I can't move the files. Is there a specific area that I am allowed to place the files in?
  4. fisterkev

    fisterkev Well-Known Member

    You can't cut and paste it? That is weird. I am assuming you are trying to move it to/from the SD card?
  5. Embridioum

    Embridioum Active Member

    My experience is that you cannot use a file manager on the internal storage unless you are rooted.
  6. bakimbug

    bakimbug New Member

    So if I root my phone it'll allow me to access my internal storage? I'm a bit new to this, so can someone explain to me what rooting does?
  7. SleepyheadKC

    SleepyheadKC Member

    There's an entire sub-forum on rooting the One V. I'd suggest you read some of the sticky threads here:

    One V - All Things Root - Android Forums

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