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Moving from Desire to One SSupport

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  1. Herts Iron

    Herts Iron New Member

    Hi all,

    Regular lurker, first time poster, so go easy on me....!

    I am moving from my two year old Desire, to a brand new sparkling One S!

    My question is how can I move all the apps and their settings/content, all of the photos/videos/information on the SD card, and everything else I have accumulated over the last two years, and put them on to the One S? Seeing as there is no SD card slot on the One, I'm not sure how to do it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. chicgeek

    chicgeek Active Member

    I paid for my backup pro in Google Play for some things. Worked like a charm. Or you could try another backup program to dropbox.

    That being said, for some apps and settings, it's kinda nice starting from scratch. ;) And with the Desire choking on lack of space, it's a refreshing move to the One S. Have fun!
  3. Euphobia

    Euphobia Active Member

    I just connected my One S to the PC and then took the SD card out of my Desire and put it in to a card reader and just copied and pasted everything I wanted across.

    Though I didn't put the photos I took on my Desire on to my One S. I felt it wouldn't do the One S justice with it's better camera, lol.
  4. Sprawlsy

    Sprawlsy Active Member

    Apps will have to be downloaded again.
  5. rosky

    rosky Member

    Theres an app on the market called Appsaver.. Use that to save the APK installation files of all your Apps. It will be saved in a folder of your choice on your desire.
    Copy from your desire onto your computer then transfer them onto your HTC ONE S.
    Will save you having to download them all again.

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