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  1. j.andrew

    j.andrew Member

    how do you move an icon in application menu from one screen to another? I know I can rearrange icons by clicking menu button then edit, but I can't move an icon from one screen to another. The same goes in application menu and in home menu.

  2. praveen6585

    praveen6585 Well-Known Member

    after entering the edit option, keep the icon pressed so you can move it and then drag it to the extreme right/left edge and hold there for a second.. it will move to the next screen..
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  3. j.andrew

    j.andrew Member

    ah that works. thanks!
  4. j.andrew

    j.andrew Member

    how about the home menu?
  5. praveen6585

    praveen6585 Well-Known Member

    u mean moving icons from one home screen to another? you dont need to go to edit for it.. just keep the icon pressed and you get the option to move it around or to another homescreen.. or drag the icon down to the red part of the screen to delete it.. just make sure u have a homescreen on the side that you are dragging the icon to..
  6. garytheanimal

    garytheanimal Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to delete the contacts and messages icons from the home screen, the ones preinstalled on the phone. When i keep my finger on them to move or delete as you normally would they dont move like the others do. The plan is to delete them and replace them with handcent and mecontacts.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. Mr.Hunk

    Mr.Hunk Member

    You won't be able to delete those built-in apps, but you can replace the three icons by default at bottom with any other apps. From the home screen go to applications and select edit now press and hold the default icons they would be ready to move.
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  8. Zebitz

    Zebitz New Member

    Been trying to figure that out for a while :)
  9. Cheddy

    Cheddy New Member

    Hi there,
    Is there any other way to move the apps/icons other then "holding and dragging"? I have just done a massive uninstall of apps that I wasn't using and have found that I have some pages with only one app...!! Its going to be a nightmare if I have to manually move every app I still have on my phone.

  10. Noamd888

    Noamd888 New Member

    Hey Praveen6585 thanks i have been trying this but didnt work , it works it is a all labels folder was trying but its persistence that paid off, thanks
  11. Alice Bezants

    Alice Bezants New Member

    what edit option,
  12. redbourn

    redbourn Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that! I looked for the answer for an hour.

    Edit, seems to be the one to try when nothing else seems to work.

    I was unable to delete a folder that I created until I discovered that it could be done via Edit. You drag the folder to an X in the bottom right corner when in edit mode.

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