Moving on from the triumph, kind of.General

  1. zajrik

    zajrik Well-Known Member

    My mother's contract with AT&T was up the other week and she decided it was time to move onto a better service. She signed on with US Cellular and got the galaxy s3. She told me she could get me added to her plan for a decent rate because she knew how tired I was getting of Virgin's horrible speeds in my area (under a single kB/s at times) and I absolutely had to jump on it. To finally have amazing network speeds and one of the most powerful current gen phones has been something I can literally say I have dreamed of. Like actual dreams while asleep of this scenario.

    I'm not out of the triumph community for good though. I've still got my triumph lying around and I'm going to be selling it to a person who is as invested in this community as I have been as he is always interested in improving his device. I'll still be lurking around here keeping an eye on updates. I'll just be doing it at 4g lte speeds on a bigger screen, lol.


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