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  1. tymking

    tymking New Member

    I'm afraid I'm not very technical.

    I can't play music or do anything much else because my phone memory is full. I've got 16 gigas of SD card (or whatever it's called) which is mostly free but I can't figure how to move stuff there.
    I've tried doing it via Windows explorer which doesn't work.
    Then I've gone to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>On SD card, ticked the boxes and clicked on "Move to card". It seems to have done it but when I look at my storage it's made no difference whatsoever.

    Any ideas please?

    I really don't want to have to admit to this problem to my iPhone zombie friends.

  2. I just bought this phone and I don't know what to move too :(
    I also can't install FIFA 12, because the data is around 1.6GB, while USB Storage only have 1G :(
  3. kermit999

    kermit999 Member

    You can either use KIES or download and install the excellent ASTRO, its free, to boot! Both programs will 'see' the internal memory of the phone, and the SD Card expansion. With Kies, just click view in explorer, then you can copy or cut to move to your external card. ASTRO works the same, except you do not need a computer, you can do it all from your phone .. simples !
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  4. davethefish

    davethefish New Member

    i had a similar problem with my audible books app.
    there was no way to set a file path for the downloaded books to the 'external sd card' from the app.
    and 4 x 200mb audio book sections soon filled the internal memory up!

    moving the app to 'sd card' doesn't move it to removable storage. as the 'sd card' is internal storage (handy eh...not)

    i moved the files by accessing the 'my files' app.
    finding the files i wanted to move inside the audible books folder.
    select the menu key/more/move, then navigating to the 'external_sd'
    and it gives you the option to create an new folder there and then move the files.

    i named the folder the same as the apps folder and it all loads from the external sd card now. even new downloads are dropped there too.
  5. richsausage

    richsausage Member

    Hi. Moving an app to SD does really move the app to the external SD, try unmounting the card and none of the moved apps will work.

    Of course, if those apps download items it will download to USB storage and not the external sd.
  6. davethefish

    davethefish New Member

    it would make things easier if you could decide the download destination of an app before it is installed, the same as installing programmes with windows.
  7. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, just got the Ace 2 also, not really understanding the difference between usb storage & system storage. They are both on the handset I presume, but what is the difference & why?? If apps are saved to phone (not external SD card) where are they saved? & if I save a song/video/photo where are they stored? I don't want to fill up one section & leave others empty! :questionmark:
    EDIT:- sorry richsausage, just saw your other post on another thread! I think I've just clicked to what is what! ie/ system = handset internal memory, usb = an internal "sd card" & sd card = "an external installed sd card". It's all as clear as mud now. :)
  8. millls10

    millls10 New Member

    I keep trying to download the game Fifa 12 to my Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G, but it tells me that there's not enough memory on the SD Memory Card to begin download. I went out and bought a 16 GB SD card, but I can't figure out how to tell the phone to download the game onto the card and not the USB storage area. Any ideas?


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