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    SLIDEWAYS Member

    ok i have verizon and im having difficulties deciding on my next phone
    im moving from verizon to sprint (wish i was staying with verizon because i really like the razr but.... sprint has by far the best priced plans and in this economy you know?)
    so heres the problem
    im broke and spent the last 2 weeks trying to figure out the best bang for my android buck when going to sprint.
    and i think i have it narrowed to 2 options but now i cant decide which to pick both are $49.99 with my new contract
    either the evo 3d or the moto photon
    on paper the specs are extremely close!
    i was leaning towards the evo3d becuase of the 3d and the 1.2ghz over the 1.0ghz of the photon's processor
    but the evo3d only have 4gb onboard and an 8gb sd
    whereas the photon has 16gb onboard (plus for me because i have a 16gb in my droid x that would take me to 32gb in the photon vs 20gb in the evo and be stuck with an 8gb card i don't need...?)
    idk can i get some opinions i have a feeling i should get one over the other but every time i lean one way the other one pulls me back to that side of the fence?
    is the display on the photon that bad?
    does 3d really eat battery that fast?
    my dx has moto blur to the photon wouldn't be much of an adjustment
    but my first droid was an eris and while a underpowered phone i loved the sense ui....

    what to do what to do?

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Have you checked Amazon Wireless for phones? I can't offer much feedback with regards to the phones you are comparing but checking out Amazon and possibly Best Buy may give you a few more options in your price range.

    I can only speak as a VZW customer, but when I got my DX2, VZW wanted $99 and Amazon was $0.01. My wife's Rhyme was $149 at VZW and $79 at Amazon.

    Just my thoughts.:)

    SLIDEWAYS Member

    i have checked amazon,wirefly,and best buy along with radio shack
    and those are the best prices i've found
    as far as i can tell the 3 best phones from sprint are 1-galaxy s2 epic 4g touch
    which cheapest i've been able to find was $119 then 2nd-3rd place with no clear advantage to either are the evo 3d and the photon and i can get either for $49.99
    and thats my delema i want as much bang for the buck as possible
    and think i've found the 2 phones to pick between and now i have to figure out which one to pick?
  4. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    do you root your phones? do you like to pay with custom ROMs?
    if so.. the e3d is better choice... between the 2.

    but you might want to go play with the Epic touch. the size screen is what wins there. I would also guess that would out last the other 2 in battery.

    i do prefer sense ui too.

    these are the reasons that I am still sticking with my Evo 4G.. till something really makes me jump.
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    SLIDEWAYS Member

    well i did root and throw a rom on droid x (first root experence, so took it safe with a kernel to help with battery life and i oc'd it to 1.4ghz)
    but it's not a nessesity especially with the dual core processors i don't think the phones will have any lag problems?

    most of what i use my phone for is calling,texting,web browsing,and taking pics and videos. good camera is a must as is a good display for when viewing the pics and videos on the phone along with netflix and such
    thats where my delema comes from
    the evo 3d has a better screen but lower quality cameras on the back (5mp vs 8mp) but has a better front facing cam (1.3mp vs 0.3mp)
    and i like both sense ui and i blur
  6. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    have you looked at the screens on these 2? if you can live with the photon screen then you should go that route.

    if you are like most i have read here... they can not stand the pentile screen on the photon.

    SLIDEWAYS Member

    is it that noticable?
    i remember messing with an evo 3d when they first came out and i was looking at both of em the other day at radio shack but at radio shack their non working models just for looks u know?

    so should i get the e3d slap my 16gb sd in it and be happy with the clearer display and some 3d wow factor and 20gb overall
    or should i get over the pentile desplay slap my 16gb card in it and enjoy the 32gb of storage and 8mp cam without the 3d wow factor that will wear off fast anyway?
  8. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    the only person that can answer that.. is YOU..

    the only way you can answer that .. is to see it in person!!
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    SLIDEWAYS Member

    ugh.... this is my only problem with android
    there are almost to many options
    it's not even like there are the budget,midrange,and high end options because new ones come out so often and the hardware is getting so good year old high end phones are still upper midrange but at the same price as the newly released budget offerings....
    i think im going to get the photon if i cant get over the pentile screen i have 30days and i'll switch to the evo3d and just live with only 20gb of storage with a 8gb backup sd card
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  10. Walmart has the Galaxy S2 (ET4G) for $90. I have one, its a ton better than the 3D (which I also had) or the Photon. Pay the extra money and get the S2.
  11. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    I don't think so. I actually returned my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sprint's version) for my beloved EVO 3d.

    And to the op.. I am going to be biased and recommend the EVO over the photon. Why? Because of the EVO 3d functionality and awesome 1.2gh dual core processor - plus the 3d capabilities. Really cool device. I have no doubt that you won't love the device after getting it.

    I am expecting to see more comments/responses on this topic; so, since the subject is really about Sprint and its devices - I will be moving this thread over to the Sprint forum.
  12. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    You know that Sprint is upgrading their network right now, right? (Network Vision... LTE) They should be releasing phones in the next couple months that are more capable of taking advantage of the network upgrades (although all phones will see some benefits)... So, you might want to consider waiting just a bit if you are after fast 4G speed.

    What city/state do you live?

    Also, check out Community Blog List - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates for some info on Sprint's Network Vision/LTE rollout.

    The EVO 3D, Epic Touch/SGSII, and Photon are all good phones.. I like the Photon (but I did notice the pentile screen). The SGSII is definitely the fastest, has a great screen, and great battery life. The EVO 3D is just all around solid, and I prefer it because I like HTC and Sense.. nice pentile-Free qHD screen too. You'll pry be happy with any of them though (EVO 3D is only 39 bucks at Amazon Wirless, too). Just my opinions. Each person will have different preferences.. but all 3 are solid choices.

    Hope this helps you a bit.
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    SLIDEWAYS Member

    i am aware of sprints new "lte network" but i can't wait a couple months contract is up and have to do somethin by the end of this month
    also im in upstate new york there is spotty sprint 4g up here so not really a big deal and i got wifi in my house if i need more than 3g speeds

    and idk if i can really afford $119 for the galaxy s2 epic 4g touch (come one thing of a better name next time...)
    good to here what u think of the e3d and photon
    my main thing is, is the e3d comes with only 4gb onboard and the photon 16gb onboard is the photon screen bad enough to give up 12gb of storage for the clearer screen? know what i mean? i like the e3d and have wanted one since before release but idk if the 4gb onboard and my 16gb card will be enough storage especially with the space i heard 3d video uses up.
  14. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    You are right about that, however...if you are concern about the amount of storage space on the EVO 3d, don't. Unless you are planning on installing all apps on the Android market. :) I have a 8gb sd card since I got my phone and I have download/installed a huge amount of applications. Plus, you can get a larger SD card from either Ebay or Amazon for a cheap price.
  15. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    You don't necessarily HAVE to do something when your contract is up. It's not like your provider will cut your services without notice. You can remain with them for the extra time needed until the next few Sprint devices roll out, and Sprint gets their network all patched up. In any event, I would recommend waiting until mid-June to make your decision to jump ship. However, if you are impatient (like me) - you can just snag either the E4GT or the 3VO. Both are great devices with their own advantages/disadvantages.

    Personally, I don't even know why you were considering the Photon to begin with lol.
  16. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    I live in upstate NY. Just went the opposite way you did, from sprint to VZW. You will not be happy with sprint service here. It has gotten much worse over the last 12 to 18 months. I understand it is a money thing, but I actually pay less with Verizon than I was with sprint, so I would seriously rethink your plan....

    SLIDEWAYS Member

    i would but roomate already has sprint and just moved from ohio to upstate new york because of where she is now stationed in the coast guard
    im currently on sprint with her moms plan but her mom is canceling her plan and all 6 phones on it at the end of the month, right now i have an old school moto razr (not droid razr the old school flip phone) and it's killing me, i play with my droid all the time and still use it on wifi kinda like a laptop when i don't feel like grabbing the laptop from the other room or sitting infront of the computer
    i really wish i could hold off until lte is rolled out but gotta do it now

    i think the e3d is what im going with, and i heard the white is about to be discontinued so i may search around for a white one to be different (tho not like i have seen anyone i know with an e3d let alone a white one)

    thanks for all the help guys

    one last question, i saw on amazon for like $17 a 3500mah battery and a new back for the battery thats twice as thick, supposed to double battery life how does the e3d do on battery life? i had to rood and f with my droid x to get it to last a whole day without being charged (i tend to use my phone alot and kill em pretty fast) anyone use the knockoff extended batterys are they anygood double the battery it should give double the time between charges right?
  18. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    you know.. there are a lot of asian members here! you might want to rethink your colorful descriptions...

    chinese batteries are very cheap.. and are good backups..
    i find that they do not last as long over time..
    and do not meet the full expectations of up time.

    the extended batteries do last longer than the standard OEM, but not long as you would expect. in a few months they will start to last just a little shorter.. and shorter... and etc....
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  19. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    When in doubt, stick with retail Seidio.

    SLIDEWAYS Member

    Makes sense guess ill stick with oem and root and flash if I endup needing to

    Also so u know my comment was not against anyone or any ethnic group
    Just from my experience on other forums referring to something as a "ching chong" product is just a lighthearted way of saying offbrand knockoff of some sort
    Just like the knockoff iphones running android and ebay knockoff turbos and such
    not intended to be derogatory or racially biased in any manor.

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