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Moving to the One VGeneral

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  1. jekyll919

    jekyll919 Well-Known Member

    Well guys, it's been a great run, but I upgraded to the HTC One V. I truly appreciate everything that our awesome devs did for us as users, because they made the phone a pretty great experience. I'll always have fond memories of this phone, as it was my first Android. I'll still be popping in every now and then, because my Triumph is going to one of my parents.

    Good luck to everyone with the Jellybean update! ;)

    P.S.- If any one is considering replacing their Triumph with a One V, it's a great phone. ICS is buttery smooth with Sense 4. Beats audio is nice for boosting volume, but the camera is really where the phone shines. :D

  2. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    one V has the same cpu and a smaller screen. I personally think its a bit uglier with that giant chin on the bottom.

    ICS is cool though

    I got the EVO V and I would say if your forced to look at virgins phones only, its really the only true upgrade to the Triumph based on hardware as well as software, you get more all around. the one V is really a wash up, its got ICS but a smaller screen and same innards. I could only see going to that if you utterly hate the triumph or want ICS extremely bad and cant shell out enough for the evo
  3. jekyll919

    jekyll919 Well-Known Member

    Well that came off as a little condescending. I'm honestly a bit offended. Your claim that I "can't shell out enough" for an Evo V was just rude.

    I picked the One V BECAUSE it had a smaller screen with similar/better internals (S3 Snapdragons CPU over the S2 in the Triumph). Plus the build quality is vastly superior and I like Sense. Additionally, the Evo V has issues out of the box that I'd rather not deal with. I understand that they can be fixed, and I have the knowledge to fix them, but I already had one phone that was broken out of the box, and I don't want to deal with it again.

    In short, the One V fits my needs perfectly, and the fact that you felt the need to try to drag my decision down is really disappointing.
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  4. Silence99

    Silence99 Member

    I actually agree. A friend of mine has the EVO 3D (on which the Evo V is based) and in no way would I consider it an upgrade from the Triumph. Both phones have major issues, just in different ways.

    The One V is a phone I seriously considered as well, but moved to an iPhone instead. There is more to a phone then just specs, it is important to make the software work well with the hardware, taking the time to optimise. It seems like HTC did this with the One V, not the Evo. I think you made a good choice! :)

    Ultimately, I chose the iPhone because I was sick of not getting OS updates, and HTC wouldn't say if they were planning to update the One V to Jelly Bean, if they would have, they probably would have had another sale.

    Also, some people don't want huge screens. The 3.7" on the One V is an ideal sweet spot for many people.
  5. emerald10

    emerald10 Well-Known Member

    Thanks jekyll for saying what I was thinking. Not everyone has that kind of money to "shell out" every few months to keep up with the Jones'.
  6. bunanson

    bunanson Well-Known Member

    You're leaving, I'm coming. That is live. I tried the Sharp ROM port, excellent. No hotspot though. I moved to the Miui, equally excellent. After a few days, it got hot and unstable, I am back to the Sharp ROM port.

    Which ROM you have tried and which one you liked the best and why? I know, I know, it is a big question. I am thinking the Tickerguy, as it has hotspot built-in and is 2.3.7.



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  7. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for trying out the Sharp ROM. The hotspot works now, you just need one of my custom kernels, and either run a script or enter a line in terminal to set the MTU before you tether. Or flash Ver7.5 cause it has a custom kernel and script included. The original kernel was limiting the MTU, that was what was messing with tether. I unlocked the MTU but haven't found a way to set it automatically yet, so I made a script, and made instructions on how to set the MTU. It is an extra step, to run the script before you use the hotspot, but I am working on it.
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  8. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, Guess I could have been interpreted a bit rude. but thats what happens on a forum where people can post their personal opinions. The thing about opinions is that they almost always conflict.

    I get you like the smaller screen, I can get behind that. and sense, well, i know a lot of people who hate sense but I hear htc revamped it for the One series of phones. so if its working for you I have nothing to say except good for you.

    but I will have to point out that the cpu in the one V is actually a S2 like the triumph. so you are wrong there. Wouldnt want you walking out there in the world with bad information.

    the one v uses a msm8255 Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 (Snapdragon S2) Application Processor with Modem Datasheet | CPUlist | PDAdb.net


    the S3 you want is actually in the evo. sorry man.
  9. bunanson

    bunanson Well-Known Member

    The Sharp port is my favorite. It is good in all aspect, battery, smooth, esthetic, and the look. Unfortunately, I have to have tether because of the travelling. I will definitely try again. Thanks for the update,

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  10. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I can see moving on to any other phone because of "utterly hating the Triumph" I really tried but after getting 6 class a replacement phones in 4 months all with the green blob issue and then being told by senior tech support that there was no fix and to just live with it. I ended up filing a complaint with the BBB and they ultimately credited my account for the $70 loss that I experienced selling the phone. The purchaser made out because he ended up with a brand new phone that I had just received that week and had never been removed from the box let alone activated. The sad part about this phone is as the many models sold under other names don't have all of these issues, it's not the hardware but the software that's not just poorly written but doesn't even follow good programming practices making it a nightmare trying to figure out what is going on with the routines. Arcane would be putting it mildly. The devs have done amazing things in spite of all the crap that is what the Triumph calls an OS. The Sharp port shows what properly written software can do on this phones hardware.
  11. lovestospooge

    lovestospooge New Member

    i too am thinking about switching to the HTC One V from my Triumph. Its mainly because of the problems i'm starting to have with my Triumph. First off, the charging port stopped working so now i have to "hot wire" my battery to charge it, which wouldn't be bad if i didn't have to do it at least twice a day and in that time my phone is shut off. Second is now it is starting to shut down on its own and will not power up unless battery is removed.
    but i have loved my triumph since i got it, which was about a year ago.
    SO, i am torn between the HTC One V or the HTC Evo V......any advice? i want whichever will perform almost if not exactly like the Triumph.
  12. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    don't forget that Triumph is the only phone from the list that still works on $25 plan.
    I'm sorry guys, but for some people it's a deal breaker.
    I have 2 phones in my family, both Virgin, both $25 plan. As long as $25 will buy me my 300 minutes and unlimited data I will keep my Triumph alive. If the sucker dies on me, I will buy another one off the ebay.
  13. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    i would just go back to a basic phone,then keep a 25.00 plan using the truimph on Virgins dial up 3G speeds,this phone on this network is not even worth 15 a month.
  14. bunanson

    bunanson Well-Known Member

    Sad to say, I agree with everything you guys said about the MT. Its stock ROM sucks big time. I have since tried couple of ROM, they are so much better make you wonder why Motorola cannot do it right, the 1st time? Anyhow, bitching does not get me anywhere... I nailed down to the Sharp port, which has absolutely no problem, except the tether requires a little bit run around. I am going to go back to the Sharpt port, I just dont get it, why a ROM written for Sharp works better than Motorola's own ROM, go figure!

    I went from MIUI 2.40.2 which works pretty good, but somehow, some ill behaved apks, made the phone got hot and I switched CM7.2, the tickerguy. It is doing about right, and I like it too, but still I think the Sharp port is the best so far... Thanks, BSydz

  15. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

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