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  1. hmease010

    hmease010 New Member

    I have a Samsung Intercept and I tried to move my pics and videos to my computer and It says there are none found? I was wondering how I could or if I could.

  2. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    I beleive you have to download a driver so it recognizes the phone. Otherwise if you have an SD card reader, you can throw it in. That's how I've been doing it.
  3. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    This is a little confusing because in your post title, you ask about moving videos to the SD card, but in the text of the message, you want to move the content to the PC...

    First off, no drivers are needed to have the phone recognized by the PC when using the USB cable. The driver people hear about on the Samsung site is for another purpose... It is a "Modem Driver" used for Tethering (not allowed on VM) and syncing.

    You shouldn't be moving files between the phone and PC by using an sd card reader. Your phone and the sd card weren't designed to handle the insertion / extraction cycles longterm.

    You should try plugging the phone into a USB port. If the PC doesn't complain, pull down the notification bar on the phone and mount the sd card; this will result in the PC assigning a driver letter to the sdcard in your phone. Then you should be able to drag and drop files back and forth to your hearts content just as if the phone was a flash/memory stick.

    I'd create three folders on your SD card: Pics Videos Music and move files from your PC to your phone there. You'll be able to display pictures, watch a video or listen to a music file by just navigating to it with your MyFiles application and tapping on it to select it.

    For Pics or Videos you make with your phone's camera, they will end up in the \sdcard\DCIM\Camera directory as .jpg files (pictures) or .3gp (video) files:

    If you have trouble with your PC not recognizing the phone, try a slower speed USB1.1 port like those found not on the PC itself, but on a USB keyboard, or a LCD display.

    You don't even need to use the USB cable to move files back and fourth. My favorite means is via FTP and WiFi at home. Download the SwiFTP server from the market to the phone, and download the FileZilla FTP client from the web onto the PC.

    Another option, download MyPhoneExplorer server from the Market onto the phone, and the MyPhoneExplorer client program from the web onto the PC. You can use the USB cable, or connect over WiFi: if you use WiFi, open up the firewall on your PC so your PC can find the phone running the MyPhoneExplorer server.
  4. hmease010

    hmease010 New Member

    Well when I hook it up to my PC it says there are no media files.

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