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Mozilla Seabird - Concept phone

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  1. Poweranimals

    Poweranimals Well-Known Member

  2. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Saw this a month ago and would love to have one when they're available. But I wonder what the battery life is going to be like. I would think those features, especially the light emitters, would wipe out a battery rather fast.
  3. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Looks like something that would be in the movie Irobot.
  4. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    Hmm, odd form factor but I love how there's hardly any bezel. Gives you a good size screen in a nice little package.
  5. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    If at&t gets it they'll probably make you pay for a tethering plan if you ever use the combo of projector + virtual projected keyboard together.

    the music, wow. I feel like buying some granola, vintage clothes and an iphone 4 that I can blog about the upcoming iphone 5 with.

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