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MP3 Music Player that works with Volume+?Tips

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  1. PHP87

    PHP87 Well-Known Member

    I have the full version of Volume+ installed on my LG Motion, but it doesn't work with the Stock Media Player. I have D/L'd a few other Media Players from the Play Store, but none of them want to "Play" with Volume+

    The stock Media Player is sub-par and Volume+ works with other apps like XiiaLivePro, Slacker, Pandora and other music streaming apps, but not with various MP3 Music Players such as Double Twist or the stock Media Player.

    I was hoping the latest "e" update would resolve this issue, but it hasn't and as of now it's a deal-breaker if the LG Spirit is going to suffer from the same issue.

    My phone is not rooted and as of now I don't plan on rooting it, but I would like to get some extra volume from the stock Media Player.

    Short of buying a Earbud Amp, which is just one more thing to carry around, what options are there if any to resolve or workaround this issue?

    It sucks that I have to use my old Sansa 6GB MP3 player to listen to my music and not my phone.

    If my phone rings, I have to unplug the headphones from the Sansa player, then plug it into the LG Motion and then hope I can swipe the phone icon before the call goes to VM or the caller hangs up.

    And that's if I feel the phone vibrate.

    I really want to buy the LG Spirit, but if I can't find a workaround, I might just hold out for another price drop on the S-3 on Wirefly.

  2. PHP87

    PHP87 Well-Known Member

    After reading thru some of the other threads with similar complaints about the sound quality and audio limitation of the stock Music Player, I D/L'd "PowerAmp" (Free version) from the Play Store and it's nice upgrade over the stock Music Player.

    I haven't tried Voodoo Sound yet as the free version requires rrunning/flashing a custom kernal, but the paid version does that automatically so I might give that a try as well.

    PowerAmp has a PreAmp, 10 EQ Sliders, Tone/Volume settings, Presets, the ability to save your settings and is also the UI for playing your MP3's, so it's basically an all-in-one app.

    I'll give it a few days to mess around with and if I still like it, I'll spend $3.99 for the Full Version although IDK what other goodies the Full Version has.

    Anyways, I give this app 4.5/5 stars as the UI for the music player could be better, but there is an option to D/L more skins, although some are free, the "cooler" skins cost a buck.
    But the sound is pretty good, especially once you set the Pre-Amp, EQ and other settings to your liking.

    And you can assign different EQ settings to different songs, so you're not locked into the same EQ setting for your entire MP3 library. Yes, it can be time-consuming, but as you sit there listening to your music, just go into the Settings, adjust for best sound for that song and assign those EQ settings to that song.

    It may take a few days/weeks/months depending on the size of your music library and how often you listen while you have your hands free (Example: I like to watch TV with CC on while I have music playing in my earbuds)

    My earbuds also have a volume slider, mic and a button to pause, play, reverse, FF to the next song or take phone calls and it works with this app. They were hella inexpensive from Monoprice and they sound way better than the iPhone earbuds that cost waaaaaay more. I'll have to check Monoprice and see if they still carry them and order another couple of three pair as they sound good and have all the features that I want as mentioned above. Plus the Apple earbuds don't have the Volume slider.

    Oh, there's even a setting so you can put the player UI on your lock screen.

    I will probably buy the Full Version after I mess around with the settings and customizations some more.

    Which means that I will now have to buy the LG Spirit, but I might still holdout for the S-3 to be deeply discounted again, but I do love this phone and a bigger, better screen would be freakin' awesome.
  3. TJayDroid

    TJayDroid Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the info. While Volume+ didn't particularly work out for you, your post made me realize that it might be a good match for me since I use only streaming music apps (Google Music, Pandora, Xiia, Tune-In, etc.).

    I might just give it a shot. The Motions volume is adequate for me most of the time, but I admit it would be nice to be able to bump it up a notch with some musical genres.

    Good to hear you might have found something that works for you, too. Thanks again.
  4. PHP87

    PHP87 Well-Known Member

    I still use Volume+ for streaming music apps, so it has worked out but just not for MP3's stored locally.

    There is also a free, trial version of Volume+ you can try before you buy the full version, but the trial version didn't work very well with the streaming apps.
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  5. TJayDroid

    TJayDroid Well-Known Member


    Slight necro on this thread, but... just wanted to thank you for the heads-up on Volume+. Really worked out for me, although it took a few days of tinkering to really get it to work. Like you, I've found it only works for streaming stuff... but whoa.. what a difference. I have some cheap Koss earphones and it's like a whole new world for me. I got some serious volume boost as well as bass/clarity, but the key for me was using the custom Equalizer settings within Volume+. Once I did that and found the "sweet spot", the volume was unparalleled. And when I say "sweet spot", I have to stress that finding just the right setting for the volume boost setting in the EQ is key. On most of my music, 10 or 11 was just right, but going over that could easily have the unintended effect of making everything quieter.

    It's a tricky app in some respects, but it really paid off for me after working with it. Thanks again.

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