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  1. Mitch56

    Mitch56 Member

    Hello all,

    I recently purchased a moment and for the most part am enjoying it.

    I do have some issues with the MP3 player however. I have also tried a couple player apps and the same problem persists. Here's the situation:

    I have ripped my entire cd collection on my PC in WMA lossless format. I have created a clone copy of this file in MP3 lame format using dbPoweramp (great product). The MP3's I created in this fashion have worked flawlessly on each of my dedicated MP3 players. Albunm name, artist, track number and title, genre, etc all working great. BUT.. when I copy this file to my moment and try to play them (they play fine) they are all displayed as unknown artist, unknown albumn. Not exactly what I'd like to see. As a test, I re-ripped a CD n mp3 format, and copied it to my moment. Oddly enough for this one CD, everything displays properly (artist folder, album folder, tracks listed within).

    This leads me to believe something is wrong with the tag info coming from the files I converted.

    Does anyone know the particular tag requirements for this phone/os?

  2. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member

    They seem like the normal requirements to me. I had to manually set my tags on a few songs because they were pretty old and never tagged properly, but to make it show up, I just went to the file itself, right clicked, chose properties, details tab and set Title to the name of the song and Contributing Artist to the name of the singer/group.

    Those two fields show up perfectly on my moment.

    Using Windows 7 so yours may show a bit different.
  3. Matt_H

    Matt_H Active Member

    I was having problems getting my Moment to recognize tags until I converted all tags to id3v2.3 and then everything worked perfectly.
  4. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

    Just get mort player that took care of all mt problems.
  5. Mitch56

    Mitch56 Member

    New twist. I just converted a few of my WMA files to Ogg Vorbis, and they show up perfectly on the moment. So that works at least.

    I'm using dbPower amp to convert and it mentions that mp3 tags can be problematic. I guess so... :mad: Unfortunately I'm not an expert with power amp either. I'm pretty certian it's a tagging issue, but no idea what. I've tried several diffent options, but no joy. When I look at the files on my pc, all the tag ino is there. Artist, title, genre, Album, etc..

    May just go with the Ogg format. The downsides are no album art (saves space though, so maybe not all bad), and keeping/maintaining another database with duplicate tracks in a different format. Need to check and see if my other MP3 players will play Ogg. I know the I-river does. Not sure on the clip or the old 512K lol Samsung.

    Anyway, thanks to all who replied and offered suggestions. I will check out Mort. Tag's already set at id3v2.3.

    Really wish these players would support WMA lossless format.

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