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  1. TexasRattler

    TexasRattler New Member

    Hello everyone. I am new to smartphones and of course the droids. I just got my stratosphere about a week ago and for the most part I am very pleased with it. But i'm having a issue with my ringtones and mp3 files being mixed up. It took me 2 days to get my ringtones from my old phone to my strat. and they work great. however my ringtones now also show up in my music folder.

    I have read a few threads with people havin the same issue (but with different phones) and their fixes did not work on the strat.

    I am a truck driver so having my music and ringtones mixed together on my phone is a major downfall. so i'm hoping someone here can help me.

  2. joshdodge96

    joshdodge96 Member

    What music app are you using?
  3. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    Usually with music stuff you can separate things, maybe exclude a folder that holds your ringtones, or use ratings to sort and play them, or create playlists.
  4. TexasRattler

    TexasRattler New Member

    i'm using the default music player, that comes with the phone
  5. joshdodge96

    joshdodge96 Member

    That is probably the reason...try UberMusic app (paid), it is pretty great personally I far as free, you can try Realplayer beta.....What format are your ringtones?....You can try what "Scur" suggested as well....
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  6. TexasRattler

    TexasRattler New Member

    my ringtones are different forms, some mp3, qcp (whatever that is), and amr (whatever that is)
  7. TexasRattler

    TexasRattler New Member

    ok so after alot of trial and error and messing with folders etc etc, and taking joshdodge96 advice (ty for ur input man), I have fixed my issue, thus far. *still running final tests n stuff, but so far it looks good. and the fix seems to be using a seperate music player app. The one i have chosen for now is the android music app. seems do do what i want it to do. so i hope this helps someone else out.

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