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MP3 Tag Problems

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  1. jonritchie

    jonritchie Member

    Just updated the firmware via Kies of my Galaxy Tab P-1010 to Gingerbread, and am having problems with the music player correctly displaying album art and artist information etc for some MP3's. I have managed to correct the album art by using various album art apps, however I cannot get the artist information to display for some tracks.

    I've re-synced the tracks to my Tab using Double Twist for the Mac, which takes the tracks I want on my Tab from iTunes and correctly shows up the right artist information, album art etc, but this still hasn't corrected the problem on the Tab. I read on these forums that deleting the media storage cache fixes the problem, but this didn't work on my Tab.

    Any ideas how I correct the information?

    Many thanks for your help

  2. benitorios

    benitorios Well-Known Member

    Hi Jonritchie,

    Found out exactly the same issue recently after upgrading my wife's original GT to Gingerbread.

    It seems like only non-mp3 (AAC files, etc.) display this issue of not identifying Artist name, hence putting hundreds of songs under "unknown artist".

    Since our music collection in on iTunes, the only fix I found so far was to select all non-mp3 format files i wanted to transfer, and convert them into mp3 (in iTunes, right-click on selection and select Convert to mp3). Before doing so, make sure that you have selected MP3 as import format (Edit > Preferences > Import setting).

    Then, manually copy the newly created MP3 files onto the GT - don't use Kies.

    For reference, none of the following worked:
    - Copy files using Kies - although Kies correctly recognizes the artist, that info gets lost on the GT :-( completely ridiculous
    - Sync using Kies - pretty much the same result. And I have the codec converter installed, by the way.
    - Manually edit meta tags and fill in "Album Artist" for all - this didn't work either, seems like the problem really is with the file type.

    No idea how Samsung could screw this up - tags worked perfectly on the Froyo firmware.

    Hope this helps you.

  3. jonritchie

    jonritchie Member

    Thanks for that. Converted all the non .mp3 files on my Tab, but it still didn't fix things. I have all the files stored on a Micro SD card. Is there a way to get the Tab to re-read all the .mp3 files, so it tags them correctly?

    Many thanks
  4. benitorios

    benitorios Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the late reply. Normally, when you unplug the Tab from the PC, it should run a media scanner and that should take care of updating things. If not, i'd suggest clearing the cache for the music application and media storage application (though Settings > Applications). I didn't have that issue after I copied over the mp3 files and got rid of the m4a ones, so I don't know for sure if this cache clearing will work.

    Oh and whether the files are on the SD card or the internal memory shouldn't matter, i'd say.


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