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  1. 1stkira

    1stkira Active Member

    So I use tubemate to download my f avorite radio program off of YouTube. Sometimes when I am listening to the MP3 on the stock player, the track just stops and the screen prompts something to the effect of unable to play selected track. Any ideas?

  2. 1stkira

    1stkira Active Member

    I'm curious if this has to do with the player widget on the lock screen? I thought that if I removed the player widget from one of my screens that it would take care of the widget on the lock screen but this wasn't the case .anyone know how to disable the widget from screen?
  3. los panda

    los panda Well-Known Member

    what program? you are downloading and saving youtube videos to mp3 format?
  4. 1stkira

    1stkira Active Member

    I use tubemate but my stock player is the one pausing on me.

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