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mp4 movies

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  1. toonman35

    toonman35 Active Member

    Hi ppl

    Does anyone know a good site to get mp4 movies suitable for the wildfire, I have converted a few but they are just so time consuming, found a few some with the crappy surveys you have to complete.

    Many thanks

  2. ymmij23

    ymmij23 New Member

    I use a program called "Handbrake" to make my DVD
  3. binoctium

    binoctium New Member

    Try some Warez forums.
    There are many films in resolution 320*240.
    This format of scrren have many smartphhones
  4. KX36

    KX36 Member

    Geekiest thing in the world, I know, but I just convert everything with ffmpeg on linux. It's a pain to get set up even for a linux user, but once you've got it set up correctly it works well and outputs very nice files. I never liked any of the windows softwares, the free ones output poor files, the shareware ones are shareware, none of them have very many options.

    Sorry, I have no ide where you can download movies at all, especially for QVGA mobile devices.

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