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mpeg 4 decompression

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  1. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 2, 2008
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    You will have to excuse my naivety, I am a c/c++ developer with limited java knowledge (I can pick up languages like most people pick up colds). I have a project I am thinking of working on which hooks up to a CCTV system that streams MPEG 4 over rtsp. I have written a client side windows application in c++ that does exactly this.

    What I would really like to do is a cut down version on the G1. I have seen java code to decompress MPEG 4 streams, is it just a simple case of using the java code for the G1 then writing a sleak UI around it?

    cheers in advance guys

    -- sorry for the cross posting, posted in the wrong form first time round --


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