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  1. conygar

    conygar New Member

    I've joined Phandroid as I am not getting on too well with certain aspects of Galaxy 3 & figure that there are a lot of people out there that have a good understanding of how it all works.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome to the forums!

    Glad to have you here. Hopefully we can help you with any issues you might be having with your device.

    Thanks for joining :D:D
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome to AF.

    You should find some cool info and tips on this phone here Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums as well as get to interact with the other users of this device.

    I hope your time here with us will be swell. Hit up anyone of us staffers if you should need any assistance.

    Thanks for joining. Have a good one. ;)
  4. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks fir joining.
    Hope we can be of service. :p
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Hey there and welcome to Android Forums. :)


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