MS Access 2003 database/Android

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  1. RichardZ

    RichardZ New Member

    Mobile Platform: android/AT&T LTE (I think,supposed to be fastest)
    Hardware: Samsung SII Skyrocket
    Small Biz database: 2003 MS Access relational db, 35meg on computer

    Requested help / input

    1. prefer to use android phone to use biz MS Access database 'forms' to fill in customer sales call info
    2. then to print form (actual contract) and send to customer (mobiliy)
    3. to have database updated.

    open to any ideas; i.e. new database, cloud base storage, steps to do/simplify process of above/sync to update, etc.

    thank you for your help

  2. sootsme

    sootsme Member

    Hi Richard & all,
    I also have Excel (2010) and would like to establish a database on the PC (Win 7) that I can use in my chimney service business, via Android (2.3.4) phone while I'm en route, or at a client's location. I would like to complete forms, create work contracts, schedule future services, email or SMS a copy to the client, and update/synch my database. Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know of an inkjet or laser printer that runs on 12 volt vehicle power? I would pay actual money (or at least what the US now calls money :rolleyes:) for these capabilities.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Happy New Year, and thanks again,
  3. RichardZ

    RichardZ New Member

    you can get a converter to run your printer. they range from about $20 - $100. just get the specs (AC requirements) for your printer and check auto store or Best Buy/Electronics store for immediatel mobile printing.
  4. jacke85

    jacke85 Member

    I came across an app OutlookReflex in android market, which enable to view MS access database report in android. But we cannot print the report, instead we can mail those reports to our contacts. This is one of the which I know to access MS access in android

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