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  1. chanel_chanel

    chanel_chanel New Member

    I have Samsung Galaxy Vibrant with Bell Canada. I also have Sympatico at home, the bell modem is hooked up to a wireless router. I have problem setting up my cell phone to connect to the wi-fi at home, since it requires a log-in (user id and password). Can anyone help??????????:)

  2. dwh_72

    dwh_72 Well-Known Member

    what is the issue? do you need to know how to configure the phone or did you forget the password for your router?
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  3. chanel_chanel

    chanel_chanel New Member

    The problem is that I dont know how to configure my phone to connect to wifi with sign-in required. I do have the bell user-id and the password needed to sign onto sympatico, however, I cant find anywhere to enter these info. Your help is very much appreciated.
  4. dwh_72

    dwh_72 Well-Known Member

    from home screen:
    menu > settings > wireless and network > Wi-Fi settings >
    you should now see all networks available. tap & enter pw > connect

    problem? try this
    on computer open browser > in address bar
    user: admin and pw: admin
    wireless tab > wireless security
    note the passwords in the key bar(s). Retry on phone using this pw for wifi network pw
  5. chanel_chanel

    chanel_chanel New Member

    No, it did not work, as I also needed to enter the Sympatico 'b1' code.

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