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MSN for Android?Support

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  1. brittas

    brittas Well-Known Member

    Can you get an MSN app for Android? I had this on my Nokia but struggle to find it on the Android market.

    If not..... whats the best alternative?

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  2. dukeuk76

    dukeuk76 Member

    Hi Msn is what i use. you can get it via market
  3. brittas

    brittas Well-Known Member

    The only MSN I can find on the market it just a link to the web version. I want the app on my phone.
  4. IcemAn911

    IcemAn911 Member

    I use eBuddy
  5. eBuddy is one of the best of the two. Fast and easy to use. The only downside is that it doesnt handle smileys very well, they dont all work, and you have to press a few buttons to access the smiley.

    The other app is "meebo IM" which handles smilesy and texting better, but not as clean to navigate your contacts when you have multiple chats going.

    hi msn seems quite buggy for the hero.

    try all 3 and remove the two you dislike :)
  6. siupluton

    siupluton New Member

    so if i'm using a htc hero... which htc model of phone i should pick? b/c i don't see hero on the list~~

  7. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Don't forget Nimbuzz

    Sorry, Can you explain a little more your question? I don't understand what your question is :)
  8. siupluton

    siupluton New Member

    Oh sorry. What I meant was... I'm currently using HTC Hero and I could like to download eBuddy on my phone for MSN use. I tried to find it on Market but I couldn't find it. So I ended up going on the eBuddy's website and they suggested to go to get.ebuddy.com on my phone. When I did, they asked me to pick the phone that I'm using. However, HTC Hero is not on the list. So I'm wondering, can I download eBuddy onto my Hero?

  9. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry :D

    Yes eBuddy is supported on the Hero , Try searching "eBuddy" with no spaces and if that doesn't work you can scan this QR code below using the "barcode scanner" app and hopefully that should take you straight their :)

  10. siupluton

    siupluton New Member

    I have no idea why. I tried finding eBuddy on market but couldn't find it. And I just use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode but it said "There are no matches in Android Market for the search: panme:com.ebuddy.android

    Could it be possible that b/c I'm living in Hong Kong?
  11. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    It could be your geographical location :)

    Some apps are not available in certain countries on the Android Market , I don't know why though :confused:

    You could always try an alternative as mentioned in this thread such as Nimbuzz etc.
  12. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Try meebo, I use it myself and its very good for MSN
  13. ozy

    ozy Member

    Checkout Nimbuzz. Very cool.
  14. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member


    I only use msn so i dont need to integrate all these other IM's.
    I cannot find msn so i just tried ebuddy but i cannot sign in offline and cannot view links or receive/send pics

    can somone provide a link to the proper msn so i transfer to phone via usb?
    i cannot find it anywhere.

    many thanks
  15. SmallGuy

    SmallGuy Well-Known Member

    I think Meebo is the best app for msn :)
  16. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    can you sign in offline and view links or receive/send pics
    as well as seeing their profile pics?
  17. Mak

    Mak New Member

    I support Meebo!
  18. james

    james Well-Known Member

    Nimbuzz is the best. And you can do voice calls which is awesome!
  19. Ashman

    Ashman Member

    I use hi msn, does the job nicely
  20. Bythedawns

    Bythedawns New Member

    MSN talk or MSN Droid is very good, easy to use.
  21. adz63

    adz63 Well-Known Member

    you could try going to the three site and downloading from there , however if you are not on 3 you may get certificate warning
  22. lewis apple

    lewis apple New Member

    so is there an official msn or is it just meebo IM ebuddy and how can i get the msn version of ebuddy?
  23. lewis apple

    lewis apple New Member

    can anybody help asap....?
  24. jastrul

    jastrul New Member

    this is a rather strange one, when i got my HTC desire, i searched all over the market for an official MSN app, but couldnt find one.

    I ended up settling for eBuddy and Meebo.

    But just now I heard that if you are on 3 (which I am) and go into favourites, theres a link for a direct download of the .apk for an OFFICIAL app, which is kinda strange.

    I just got it and its pretty good ^_^

    I dunno if you can do that on other networks though... :/
  25. neeneekins

    neeneekins New Member

    Hey. Sorry if this has been asked before but does any MSN app not give a preview on the top in the status bar of what someone has said to you?

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