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  1. DrTeeth76

    DrTeeth76 New Member

    I've had my My Touch 4 G for 13 months now. For about the first year nothing went wrong with it. But almost right at one year lots of problems have cropped up.

    The battery (which I have already replaced once) drains rapidly even when the phone sits idle.

    When I plug the charger cable in sometimes nothing happens. This has happened with a couple cables.

    The phone crashes and reboots on occasion.

    I will plug it in and the light will come on and the next morning it hasn't charged.

    I've had a factory reset and the Android OS was updated.

  2. soopacee

    soopacee Member

    you will be gettin a replacement soon, trust me

    im gonna be on my 3rd one now

    the first 2, worked great, until 6 months....then small little dumb problems like you mentioned, then out of nowhere...BRICK CITY

    then you can have fun on customer service for hours so they can page through the book and tell you to do stuff im sure you already did

    sorry but this phone is junk, and now i just expect to replace it eventually and often
  3. feco6902

    feco6902 Member

    The battery went bad. Just Buy a new one.

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