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  1. fordgt72

    fordgt72 New Member

    I hope someone can help.

    I have two MTK6575 based phones. Both were backed up using a procedure I found somewhere(don't remember but it was Russian). In an attempt to fix volume/market issues I flashed the wrong backup to the phone. Now the phone is unresponsive. What I mean is it should show a battery icon when powered off and plugged into the charger, it does not. No combination of buttons will do anything. When using the flashing utility(Mtk flash utility, can't remember the name) it just sits saying searching.

    Does anyone know of a unbricking procedure?


  2. kramkumar

    kramkumar Member

    I also bricked my Lenovo S880 based on MTK6575 Processor, during firmware update. Experts help please.
  3. kramkumar

    kramkumar Member

    Experts Please Help. There is no official Lenovo support in India for phones
  4. anjarrad

    anjarrad New Member

    Hi Kram, best of luck on that unbricking, I have a similair issue with my ideaphone p780, that came Chinese and rooted.

    I deleted a system app, and now it will not boot past "Lenovo for those who do" boot screen.

    There are options for your phone online to Hard Factory Reset, you can try, for my phone there doesn't seem to be that option, but I do need help to Factory reset mine!!!!

    H E L P !!!!

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