MTP initialization when not plugged in

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  1. hanseric

    hanseric Member

    My phone has been initializing MTP when not plugged in. Sometimes it even thinks it is charging when it is not (it shows the little charging animation in upper right screen).

    At about the same time, it will go into Car Mode.

    This was happening all last week, eating up battery pretty heavily. Shutting it down didn't help. It would start itself.

    So i reset to factory settings Sunday. This seemed to help for a day or two but I just now see it is doing it again.

    Any clues to what might be happening here?

  2. hanseric

    hanseric Member

    Also, it will run a media scan around this same time. It's almost as if it thinks it is connected to a USB cable when it is not. I'm wondering if there's something up with the little mini USB connector port (or whatever it is called) on the phone. Gonna try cleaning it up with some alcohol.
  3. hemantsahi

    hemantsahi New Member

    This is happening to me as well. I use the galaxy note. The phone randomly keep getting the "Mtp initialization" message. Over and over again.
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  4. nottingham

    nottingham New Member

    Try to use ports directly connected to your PC instead of a USB hub... see "Mtp initialization" message.
  5. Saulinsight

    Saulinsight New Member

    Hi. I am having exactly the same issue, getting constant mtp inititialization notifications and media scanning when the phone usb is unplugged. How do I solve the problem?

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