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  1. crzylibra77

    crzylibra77 Member

    Hello please help. I have been having problems with my Samsung Droid Exhibit II and would appreciate any feedback.
    1. When i turn my phone off and try and turn it back on an icon of a battery apears and will not turn on unless i have it plugged in and charging no matter how high my battery level is.
    2. When i turn my phone on and disconnect my charger a message runs accross the top of my screen stating MTP Initializing then a Media Scan begins and that process repeats over and over again.
    I have owned this phone for three weeks and do not understand why this is happening or how to resolve the problem.
    Thank you for your time and once again any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    I have tried removing my battery for 5 minutes and the problem seemed to go away but this was only temporary.


    My son admitted today that he spilled pop by my phone and it may have gotten into my charger port. I believe this is what is causing the problem.

    Any ideas on how i can clean my charger port?

  2. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Member

    settings>sd card/storage>unmount sd card.....remove sd and reseat
    my old phone did that sometimes
    how this may help
  3. crzylibra77

    crzylibra77 Member

    Unfortunately i do not have an sd card in my phone. I have one in my Huwei Ascendbut have not unmounted it and placed it in my Exhibit II yet.
    Thank you for you assistance and if you have anymore ideas i would appreciate the feedback
  4. its44379

    its44379 Member

    That sux, sorry your having problems already. I wanted to get this phone for Christmas. Go back to where you bought it from, see if they can exchange it for a new one. Pls keep me updated, I've had "innitializing" problems with my other Samsung phones, wierd...
  5. tleebear

    tleebear New Member

    Mine doin the same thingu ever figg what to do. mine also beepes like crazy when my battery gets low other than that its the same. wthh
  6. mcgowantexas

    mcgowantexas New Member

    My exhitibit 2 has precisely the same symptoms ( Mtp initialization/media scanner running). I have not figured out how to fix yet and am desperate for any suggestions. This is obviously a pretty common problem. Thanks, and will keep you posted if I figure it out.
  7. sobe1979

    sobe1979 New Member

    I had a problem with my new Exhibit phone from Samsung, and after searching around the internet I found a great way to fix the problem. I am lucky enough to have a air compressor in my shop, and after thoroughly blasting the usb port for a minute it is back to normal. I guess all the lint and dust can affect the port, so getting it blasted with air can fix the problem. Hope this helps others who were thinking of resorting to getting a new phone.
  8. Raafa

    Raafa New Member

    I have had the same symptoms (MTP - Initialization, battery symbol, cant turn on unless plugged in, ).
    I do not have the answer to the problem but I do have more data... I have two batteries that I use interchangeably. I use a desk charger to charge them both until the light is green (charged).
    O.k. so here is the point .... the symptoms only happen with one of the batteries every time, and not once with the other.
  9. richest

    richest New Member

    I have started getting this issue. If i turn the galaxy 2 off, i cannot restart it unless i plug the charger in.

    Why is this would anyone know?

    What i get is a battery icon only when i try to power up again.
  10. crzylibra77

    crzylibra77 Member

    I fixed the problem by cleaning my charger port with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and spraying air int the port. It didnt help right away but it did the trick in a couple of fays and i did clean it more than once.
    Hope this helps anyone else having the same issues.
  11. trapjaw9920

    trapjaw9920 New Member

    Hi there, this is happening to me right now, and the minute I unplug the phone it just beeps and beeps and beeps. Is cleaning the usb port basically the only real fix or has anyone discovered that it is some other problem? I have the same phone, same situation.

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