Muffled calls

Muffled voice calls?

  1. I get complaints that my voice is muffled

  2. My voice comes thru loud and clear


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  1. Beaker491

    Beaker491 Well-Known Member

    How many atrix owners are suffering from the person on the other end, when making a call, complaining that you sound muffled? Is it a big wide spread problem? Is motorola trying to fix it does anybody know?



  2. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    People sound loud and clear to me, like a land line! However, my voice does not sound as clear on the other end, or as loud! I've gotten more then a few complaints, and have tested it myself by calling my voicemail for my other line...Muffled and low!
  3. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    Try turning off the noise suppression...Mine is loud and clear.
  4. jholme9

    jholme9 Member

    This! I got tons of complaints before I turned off noise suppression. Now, I never do.
  5. hotcoffee

    hotcoffee New Member

    If you check out the Motorola Owner's Forum, you will noticed that there are many complaints about the muffled voice quality issue. It looks like a percentage of Atrix phones have this problem, Turning off noise suppression helps. Sometimes, turning on-and-off speakerphone while in a call seems to help (not sure why). Most people are simply requesting exchanges at the AT&T store.
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Noise supression is normal and the sound quality is excellent on both ends. My friend thought I was calling from the landline! -Bell Atrix
  7. HyperM3

    HyperM3 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree, Ive never had any complaints from anyone Ive been talking to and on my end, everyone sounds like they are on a landline if not standing right next to me.

    This is probably the best sounding phone for voice calls Ive ever had. That and it has dropped less calls(none) than my Nexus One did.
  8. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    *pounces on HyperM3* :D I get a fellow Nexus One-r with me here :)
    ^--I think that's the biggest flaw of the Nexus wasn't a very good phone, lol, just a mini computer

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