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    Hi ScandaLex. Well, as far as I have researched, not all styluses are created equal. Most of them are for Apple's tablets. I was hoping this one would work with my SGP 4, which from what you tell me, it does. I didn't see anywhere that says whether it's compatible or not.
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    Hey there. I know stylus so let me school you a bit. :D

    One of the things that we have to always bare in mind that a lot of marketing hype goes out towards Apple. I've talked directly to a few stylus makers who've said the reason we tend to see "For iPhone, iPad" is because that's what they test on.

    The iPhone/iPad has the same capacitive screen as android but you don't see much packaging that specifically states "For Android."

    So when you say not all stylus are created equally- yes they are; they're just not tested on Android devices like Android is the red-headed step child.

    Back in the day when many of us were sporting Treos, Tungstens and anything Palm related, those screens were resistive which means you could use your fingernail as though it were a resistive stylus.

    The one you linked to is the best of both worlds; capacitive and resistive
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