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  1. aong

    aong New Member

    Hi all,

    Are you guys able to use the multi-touch feature on your IDEOS? Do I need to explicitly enable that option somewhere in the settings? Can't seem to use multitouch in the browser , nor in maps (it's still a new phone, just booted it up 2 hr ago, so I've yet to test it with other apps).

    Thanks a lot!

  2. thel8elvis

    thel8elvis Well-Known Member

    There is no multi-touch on the device. The actual display hardware may support it, but it is not supported from huawei and I have yet to see any successful hacks to enable it.
  3. stardroid

    stardroid Member

    There's some interesting info HERE but it sounds a bit complicated. Let us know how you get on? :)
  4. karloson

    karloson New Member

  5. thel8elvis

    thel8elvis Well-Known Member

  6. djloydy2011

    djloydy2011 New Member

  7. milkman1

    milkman1 New Member

    If you bought a U8150 with a synaptics touch screen = multitouch (if multitouch does not work, update kernel)
    If your touchscreen is melfas = NO multitouch /not even with CFW as suggested here/.
    To find our what type of screen you have, type: *#*# 2846579#*#*, Project menu, Veneer information query, Apparatus type query.
    It is annoying that Huawei put two different types of touchscreens in the same model, putting the customers with melfas touchscreen at disadvantage. You have no way of knowing which device you are buying until you check with above method which is not fair towards the customer and Huawei deserve to be flodded with protests.
  8. camryn

    camryn New Member

    how do you update the kernel? i checked my u8150 and it has a synaptics touch screen. i want the multi touch on my device but don't want to change ROMS

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