Multi-touch Verizon Droid X Keyboard on Sprint HTC Hero?

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  1. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    I just read that the multi-touch keyboard from the Verizon Motorola Droid X can be installed on any Android handset using Android 2.1. This keyboard, unlike most keyboards, allows you to press more than one key at once. I was wondering if anyone has tried to install the .apk on their Sprint HTC Hero yet? If you have installed it, please let us know how it is working for you.

    I read the article here: Droid X’s Sexy Software Keyboard Ripped Out, Now Available For All Phones | Android News, Reviews, Applications, Games, Phones, Devices, Tips, Hacks, Videos, Podcasts - Android Police

  2. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    I was so excited for this but unfortunately it doesn't work, installed fine but wont actually open in input fields.

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  3. Neo31697

    Neo31697 Member

    Just tried it on my hero non root stock 2.1 with update. and its a no go. Keyboard just doesn't come up. Rebooted the phone and still nothing. Went back to stock keyboard.
  4. pa4ul

    pa4ul Well-Known Member

    shapewriter enough said.
  5. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Damn! That is so disappointing. :(

    Thanks for testing this out though. I was just about to try it myself and then I saw this thread had been updated. :)
  6. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know, it says its for 2.1 devices, it probably wasn't designed to work around sense ui though is my bet. And for the record, shapewriter/swype sucketh anus.

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  7. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    It does work around the Sense UI because in the video the person is demonstrating the keyboard using a Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. It is also unrooted.

    I am hoping that xda-developers will tweak the keyboard so that it works on my Sprint HTC Hero. Also, it would be nice if the haptic feedback worked too.
  8. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    Oh, I thought it was being used by the new Droid x which I assumed was a moto product. Hopefully they will fix it to work with our phones as it looks awesome and clean.

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  9. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    It is being used by the new Verizon Motorola Droid X. But the whole point of this thread is that the keyboard .apk was extracted so that anyone can make use of it.

    Only time will tell if we will get a version of the .apk that works with our handsets. I really hope it happens because it looks like a nice keyboard.
  10. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    It worked for me when I tried it yesterday??

    I'll echo what has been said in multiple threads, that is, swype > this keyboard > stock keyboard
  11. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Ooooooo, we have a convert!?!?!

    Thought you didn't like it... Takes a little time, and you can't live without:D
  12. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    I didn't :p

    It took me a solid week, but now going to a regular keyboard just seems so slow!
  13. jp89hornet

    jp89hornet Member

    Anybody get a working version for the stock Rom?
  14. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    I had it like a month ago and didn't like it that much, for it to work properly, you usually have to already have the stock Android keyboard as the Droid X keyboard shares libs with it.
  15. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Hmm, maybe I will finally give this a try then. I am glad they fixed the problem where there was no haptic feedback.

    Does this keyboard lag any less than the stock HTC keyboard does? Eliminating or at least reducing some of the lag would be wonderful.
  16. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    it is literally the most responsive keyboard I've ever used.
  17. chawski

    chawski Well-Known Member

    wow great keyboard! thanks for posting the link!
  18. chawski

    chawski Well-Known Member

    anyone noticing the space button is less responsive than others?
  19. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    that's the reason I don't use it, you have to hit like the top half of it for it to register.

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