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  1. xehanort44

    xehanort44 Member

    I kinda got this phone cause i thought it would have multi touch. It turns out it doesn't, also when ky phone was on recovery I saw something that said touchscreen software upgrade. Does this mean the upgrade will have multi touch?

  2. sars101

    sars101 Member

    no it wont only one finger at a time for us. theirs other people with the ascend 2 on but im sure we cant get multi touch ever
  3. SwissCM

    SwissCM New Member

    Odd, my Huawei Sonic does multitouch (only two fingers though). Same hardware for the most part too.
  4. vsofiy

    vsofiy Member

  5. jperkins

    jperkins Member

    Weird mine has multi-touch. But may be because I installed vsofiy's rom although I did flash back to stock afterwards. Not because of the rom, just couldn't download anything from market after installing it for some reason.


    I re-installed the rom and everything is working, was an error in my part I am sure, but multi-touch working flawlessly :)
  6. Dominix

    Dominix New Member

  7. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Well-Known Member

    you have to root and flash a custom ROM in order to have multitouch

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