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  1. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

    Will multi-window be available out of the box on the Verizon Note 2?

    And how will it work? Like, can I browse a website and have the youtube app open all on the screen all at the same time?

  2. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    Not to sure about it coming pre-loaded but here is the Multi-window in action Galaxy Note 2 multi-window - YouTube
  3. nlitenme

    nlitenme Well-Known Member

    Yes, it already has it. Verified it myself last night.

    Yes, it lets you have 2 apps open at the same time. The app selection is very limited right now, it seemed to have less than the videos I've seen.
  4. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

    Oh so it limits you as to which 2 apps it lets you have open at the same time? That sucks. My dream combo is Chrome/youtube.

    Maybe they will expand the allowed apps or there is a way around it?
  5. hack3rman

    hack3rman New Member

    I have a rooted AT&T Galaxy Note 2 running the Saurom ROM and I can use Chrome and YouTube at the same time. It comes with a MultiWindow Control which allows you to add any apps you want to the multi task bar.
  6. bengadget

    bengadget Active Member

    Chrome and YouTube should be two of the apps already in the multiwindow list. It was on mine, though I have the international model.
  7. nlitenme

    nlitenme Well-Known Member

    Ya, sorry, I can't remember which ones where on the list (too excited to be playing with it).

    I'm sure they'll add more & like hack3rman said - you can add anything to it once rooted.
  8. Wangta

    Wangta Well-Known Member

    I haven't checked on this since getting the att note 2, but am I understanding this correctly:

    Sprint note 2: update released so can do multiscreen.

    Att: disabled at release. Not enabled yet.

    Verizon: enabled on release, but limited apps available for multiscreening.

    Tmobile: like sprint, was disabled at release but update released so can now do multiscreen.
  9. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

    Correct- that matches my status report Nov 29 2012
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  10. Androidcurious

    Androidcurious Well-Known Member

    I was fairly shocked when I walked into VZW today and played with the SGN2. Multi windows??? I thought only Sprint had that States-side. I immediately bought it! VZW tramp stamp and all.

    I was hoping teh same was true of screen recording but I can't seem to activate it so I'm assuming that's a no go so far.
  11. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    It has multiview, but it is currently limited to the default apps in the bar and some apps in the play store that support it.
  12. Androidcurious

    Androidcurious Well-Known Member

    I see what you're saying, I just tried to add Chrome and I can't. Boooo.

    Do the global versions allow you to add any apps to it vs ours?
  13. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Yes, the international version can. I think Sprint just received multiview, they may be able to do it also.
    I think the Verizon version will get that ability in an update.
  14. Doyouwantaspoo

    Doyouwantaspoo Well-Known Member

    I've had my Note2 for over 2 and a half weeks and I never even knew it could do this.. My god this phone never ceases to amaze me.
  15. BufordTJustice

    BufordTJustice Well-Known Member

    US Cellular doesnt have multiview for the Note2 yet except for things that are never used like the phones own video player or Snote.
  16. Dieben

    Dieben Well-Known Member

    There is not a single app that I am interested in using in the Verizon or Sprint versions of Note II MultiWindow or in the Play Store. So for me MultiWindow is currently a totally useless feature that I have disabled in Settings/Display ;)
  17. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    There is a thread on xda that has links to several apps that have been modified for multiview.

    Netflix, chrome, and several others are provided.
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  18. Dieben

    Dieben Well-Known Member

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