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  1. Awol

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    I've read several threads in these forums and done a lot of my own research and I have yet to discover a workable solution to the following problems.

    Context. New att G4 l337
    New 2113 Volvo and new 2113 gmc Acadia. Samsung flip cover (seems to contribute to the problems)

    1. Blue tooth disconnects when playing music roughly 1 minute after music starts.

    2. Making calls with my cars built in functions is extremely inconsistent at best. I have to manually dial a number if I want to call someone which is very uncomfortable. (With flip cover open and phone recently restarted voice activation through my Volvo works occasionally)

    Gripe #1 none of my 3 different I phones or my recent Windows Phone had these problems. I bought this phone because it was supposed to improve compatability in general but the opposite has been true when it comes to BT.

    What I have done so far.

    Problem #1 downloaded some app that mostly fixed the problem. Found the app here but I view this as a bandaid. Where can I get the real fix?

    Problem #2 I have read that I simply need to turn off/disable S voice and Google will take over. Problem is I can't seem to turn it off or disable it. The instructions provided on this forum are incomplete or inaccurate and the settings menu nor the app have a suitable function for disabling S voice.

  2. Awol

    Awol New Member

  3. Awol

    Awol New Member

    Frustrating that I can't get any help on this. Am I asking the question wrong or posting in the wrong spot?

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