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  1. mokdakid

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    I have noticed that every time after I finish unplugging my gs2 from my PC I get multiple files of music,ringtone,and pictures that are broken.
    I included a screenshot of my ringtone selection screen.

    Ps. This only happens on the ringtone that I have made.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. dontpanicbobby

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    The next time you hook up to your PC use the file explorer on the PC to see if you have multiple copies of that file on your device. If you do delete all but one. HTH
  3. mokdakid

    mokdakid Member

    I found the solution from another website.
    If anybody is interested here is the solution.

    setting>applications>click on the all tab>gallery>click on force stop and then clear data.

    next find the media storage and clear data.

    then reboot.

    After the phone starts up again the media scanner will run.
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