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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by popovski, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. On my Archos 28 (great little machine!), I have several "Download" icons stuck in the status bar. Probably downloads interrupted at some stage. How can I make them disappear without a factory reset?

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    Did you try rebooting?
  3. Sure, I did, to no effect.
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    Go to the 'MARKET' app & press/open each app to see if something is still attempting to download.I just had an app attempt to double download & had to cancel one of them to get a proper download.For myself,the 'MARKET' app has been very buggy lately,something odd or different almost every day,not very stable.Easily the most quirky/buggy app on my phone by far{Huawei Ascend}.
  5. Thanks. I don't have any market app except the App Center of, which I installed today, shortly before downloading one single app from there. That's when the problem started. When I click on the "My Apps" tab, App Center sees the apps I downloaded today (App Center itself + WavPlayer) and also sees that I have an app (Pure Calendar widget) which I had downloaded a few days ago through Google's Android Market (now uninstalled).

    Should I now uninstall App Center, or try to remove these download icons beforehand?

    Any other ideas?
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    Your phone didn't come with the 'ANDROID MARKET'{by GOOGLE} installed?It's a system app on my phone,I just assumed it came pre-installed on all ANDROID phones.

    Either way,sorry I couldn't have been of more assistance to you.Maybe try taking it back to the point of purchase,or,if you can do so by phone,have your carrier send a refresh signal to your phone.

    EDIT:My apologies,I didn't look close enough, didn't realize you were talking about a tablet.However,don't tablets come pre-loaded w/the ANDROID MARKET ?
  7. Solved my problem: it was just a matter of holding the "download" icons until the status bar turned wider, drag it down, select the 2 incriminated apps downloads. The "download" icons disappeared. Probably a basic Android move which I ignored.

    Archos tablets come without Android Market. There is an app (gApps4Archos2.apk) which installs it (together with plenty of other Google apps), but these apps seem to bloat my tablet, so I had all the Google apps removed. The Archos 28 is the size of a business card!
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    Glad you were able to solve your problem.The 'long press & hold' move helps solve most questions/problems with the Android Phones as well,usually resulting in a pop-up menu w/options.
    The size of your tablet definitely makes it convenient to carry around @ all times.A definite PLUS when you don't feel like lugging around a full size tablet or laptop,sounds like a pretty cool device to have.
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    I was trying to get rid of the same download icons,Solved it with your method.Thanks popovski.

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