multiple duplicate email sent items

  1. nopotato

    nopotato Member

    i just bought droid, delighted, but 1 major flaw - when sending mail through non gmail account, the item duplicates itself up to 100 times by the end of day. this occurs both on the server & on the phone. I c that others have remarked upon this elsewhere, but suggestions have not addressed the issue.
    I do not think that it is an imap problem or a yahoo problem as has been suggested. i have accounts with 1 & 1, enom, & yahoo, & have created accounts on droid & attempted sending with all of those. Enom uses pop (anyway outbound is smtp?).
    i suspect android 2.0 as no one seemed to complain about this until droid came on the scene.
    Curiously i noticed that when using the droid & opening the sent folder, it appears that the phone is attempting to load messages continuously. others have complained that their 'outlook' on the computer has become sluggish since using the droid. I have noticed lethargy too!

    Help swould be welcomed, as this is a major headache for me, especially as android doesnt seem to have a feature to allow block email selection (subsequently to delete)!.

  2. jraggio

    jraggio Well-Known Member

    I have seen the same problem. I switched to k9 and sort of like it, but find it also has many flaws. The biggest problems I have with K9 are it does not integrate with the contacts when writing a new message and it downloads all attachments without asking. This is bad as sometimes people mail large files to me that I do not wish to download to the droid. Have you figured out the dupe sent items problem?

  3. nopotato

    nopotato Member

    No solution. I use k9 & I don't experience either of your problems I suspect one of your settings is tweaked wrongly. Either account set up or identities? I however don't like the small size fonts.
    It may be that the new android s/w release will fix and now I'm trying to get free push email with an exchange server but that's been a fun not experience.

    I'm quite surprised there hasn't been more on this issue.
  4. jraggio

    jraggio Well-Known Member

    I think the contacts issue with k9 is speciific to droid / 2.0. I saw something on that seemed to indicate this. I am hopeful that they will fix it. I also want them to add an option to specify font size for the list and for the messages. The contact thing is a major blocker for me. It may all be moot for me as I will probably tell all my friends to use my gmail address going forward. I will compose all new messages using gmail from now on probably.

  5. nopotato

    nopotato Member

    i have a droid & k9 does work with contacts - have u loaded the address book via google contacts download?
    as for google mail i hear u, & its push email, but its a bit of a bother migrating, & most importantly i tended never to use google mail because of the privacy issue, inability to delete emails fm thier server or reach, & their use of the emails. But they r taking over the world with these phones anyway.
  6. jraggio

    jraggio Well-Known Member

    need to check. I thought I turned off google contact sync, but maybe I'll try it again. I found that many of my contacts had duplicate data within them when I had it enabled. I'll give it a try.
  7. jraggio

    jraggio Well-Known Member

    what will it sync and in what directions? will it syc my contacts from the contacts app on the phone to google contacts? how about if I also sync my TouchDown (Exchange) contacts to the phone's contacts app? Will I eventually then end up with my exchange contacts being synced up to google via the phone contacts app in the middle? How about if I make changes on gmail, are they pushed down to the phone, and then possibly back to touchdown to exchange? Ugh, what a mess. I liked the merged contact idea, but it is confusing with all this syncing.

  8. jraggio

    jraggio Well-Known Member

    OK, cool. Now I have suggestions when tapping in "to" and typing. pretty cool. Thanks. Now I do have the other problem in contacts now though. When I edit many of my contacts I see two full entries for gmail, one for touchdown, and one for facebook. I think I have two gmail entries because one came from gmail itself and the other was one copied in from touchdown. Not sure. When puling up a contact it's fine as all the data gets merged and de-duplicated correctly I think. The confusion for me is in the editing dialog.

  9. robert91203

    robert91203 New Member

    Here is a solution: Go to yahoo mail, go to Options (upper right corner), deactivate "Save a copy of the message in the Sent folder". Duplicate problem solved but you will not have a saved sent mail. You can cc to yourself and move the email to the Sent folder if you really want to save it.

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