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  1. optize

    optize New Member

    I just recently came from an iPhone and it seems the android is lacking on the email side of things, perhaps I'm missing something.

    Is there an app that supports:

    - Multiple exchange accounts
    - IMAP/POP as well?

    I can't even find an app that supports multiple exchange accounts and the apps that do support exchange (touchdown) don't support pop3/imap.

    Any suggestions?

  2. exclamation_mark

    exclamation_mark Well-Known Member

    ? I use the stock email app and have 3 IMAP, and a POP on mine now. I done use exchange but that option is in there also...?
  3. RazzleFnDazzle

    RazzleFnDazzle Well-Known Member

    I have the evo as well. I think that Mail app might be HTC specific.
  4. Crumm

    Crumm Well-Known Member

    K9 mail may do what you want.

    Here is the complete list of features:

    Send and Receive
    Configure to IMAP, POP3, and WebDAV (Exchange) email protocols
    Search Multiple inboxes
    Swipe for Previous/Next emails
    Set Android Notifications, sounds and vibrate alerts
    Delete email on the server works (A huge gripe with users of the default email client, when you specify to delete on the server… it doen’t, meaning double work when you do get back to desktop)
    Multi-folder Synchronization
    Opening and Saving attachments
    Email Sorting
    Copy email text by Forwarding message
    Frequency check settings
    Keyboard shortcuts
  5. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    What I did and admittedly, likely an inelegant solution, but I have 4 accounts I need to to use and I simply have all mail from each account forwarded to a single gmail account.

    Admittedly, inelegant, but it works for me.
  6. anthgav

    anthgav Well-Known Member

    Try this app!

    [table][tr][td][​IMG][/td][td]Improved Email
    by mtwebster
    1,000 downloads, 96 ratings (4.0 avg)
  7. cburon

    cburon Member

    +1 for K9
  8. Carl6

    Carl6 Well-Known Member

    K9 supports multiple pop accounts. Probably imap also, but have not tried that.

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