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  1. Timmaaay4

    Timmaaay4 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to delete multiple emails at once. I know that you. Can tap and hold on an email and it will bring up a prompt that you can then delete without reading but I would like to
    be able to delete multiple. At once.

  2. highnmighty99

    highnmighty99 New Member

    if u click on the arrows on the left of the header, lil box comes up on the bottom to delete all the ones u clicked on
  3. Timmaaay4

    Timmaaay4 Well-Known Member

    That's great thank you.
    I can't believe that I missed that
  4. JGut

    JGut Active Member

    i dont see the arrows, can you provide more info?
  5. Timmaaay4

    Timmaaay4 Well-Known Member

    They are not arrows they are actually non highlighted check marks that you can tap and then they become highlighted.
  6. JGut

    JGut Active Member

    yeah, but you need to click on one at a time. on BB you could just press "Delete prior" and it would delete my 300 emails I get a day. nothing like this on the droid? what a pain
  7. JGut

    JGut Active Member

    any updates on this?
  8. quadjacks

    quadjacks Active Member

    Is there a way to select all with out selecting 40 individual checks
  9. Shaedie

    Shaedie New Member

    Anyone having trouble with emails you've deleted arriving over and over again in your inbox? I've checked off "delete from server when delete from inbox" and still I continue to get them.
  10. JGut

    JGut Active Member

    apparently not, should be VERY easy for them to add, hope they do it

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