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  1. Xebek

    Xebek New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 3, 2010
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    I've noticed that if I click messages and try to send out a message to someone, I hit a bit of an inconveinence. When I select a contact to ad, and hit the button in the corner and it pulls up all of my contacts, it will list each way of contacting someone seperately.

    For instance if I have, under "Bob" 5 ways of contacting him, lets say two email addresses and three phone numbers, when I click to view contacts as to who I want to send this new message to, Bob will show up five times. Now, with multiple contacts that have multiple ways of contacting them, this gets to add up. is there any way to have Bob just show up once and when I select him, then ask me which way to send it to him?

    So far, its looking like the "People" app is the only way I have of succesfully contacting people. I can't use messages because of wading throuhg too many people, people nicely consolidates it, I can't use the dilar to call because of the problem with it pulling in all these facebook people, so I have to use "People" to call them, it seems liek there should be a better way.


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