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  1. mattyvx

    mattyvx Member


    I got my HTC Hero yesterday and im pretty impressed. There is one thing thats bugging me though..

    Is it possible to set up multiple facebook / twitter accounts on the phone? I mean I have one account for personal and one for business, i would like to be able to switch between the two...

    I've configured all my emails up fine but it seems i can only have one facebook and twitter account. So at the moment ive only got my personal account set up.

    Any thoughts?

  2. DeadlyDazza

    DeadlyDazza Well-Known Member

    Can't help you with Twitter becouse i don't use it but regarding facebook, i'd use the stock facebook ap to connect to one account and download Bloo from the Market to connect to the other...
    If you can do that, i've not tried to be honest but worth a shot.
  3. mattyvx

    mattyvx Member

    Thanks works great, slightly off topic but anyone know how i can set a pin to use when the phone is turned off?

    I've tried but I cant find the default pin anywhere and im on my last attempt....
  4. hero_101

    hero_101 Well-Known Member

    Just loginto FB using the browser, and book mark the sites :) I cant understand why anyone would have two facebook profiles ;-) If I remember correctly for a work account you just log into your normal account and create the work thing, which is linked to your personal one, like admin etc and obviously you can move, delete etc
  5. Anderson

    Anderson Well-Known Member

    I've heard of people having business phones or laptops etc, but never a business Facebook. Haha.
  6. FractionOfAHeart

    FractionOfAHeart New Member

    Well, I'm a member of a multiple system (meaning more than one person living in one body). We share a phone. That is why Droid's tendency not to support multiple accounts was a complete deal killer when we were ready to ditch our Pre for a Droid. Sorry, but there's 6 of us, we can't function on one account and we can't afford to carry separate phones (and shouldn't half to, seeing as how we only make one salary!) :mad:

  7. SprintFan

    SprintFan Member

    Try using the stock app for one account, and download a different app for the other accounts. Since Android is open source, there is plenty of apps to choose from.
    Happy to help. :)
  8. slothound

    slothound New Member

    Yep definitely a demand for an app to support multiple Facebook accounts... and a way to get someone to step up rather than just asking "why?"

    I'd buy it as would a lot of people I work with.
  9. netstar09

    netstar09 New Member

    I would love an app to handle multiple facebook accounts and the need for having a separate facebook account is actually quite valid. For me personally I like to separate my personal and business life and with the two accounts, I know that when I access my personal account my newsfeed will be of just family and friends, and with my business account, the newsfeed will be business orientated. It means at home I can avoid all that work stuff and vice versa at work
  10. Smedg

    Smedg Member

    Using a different app/ widget works perfect for me. htc desire hd. i use seesmic. can do facebook and twitter (in case you have a work twitter and work facebook)
  11. Grenge

    Grenge Member

    Seesmic is the only app I know of that does multiple Facebook accounts. I have two accounts and have used this.
    The downside is that I'm having problems with mine, it is hiding some posts that I can see fine on my PC at home. But then again some posts are being hidden on my PC but I can see them fine on Seesmic.
  12. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    Facebook is growing into a primary contact point between clients and customers. I started using it for business and so far, it has been worth it.
  13. Semperkeith

    Semperkeith New Member

    Hello, why two different FB identities? In my case, it's pretty easy, one smart phone, my wife's FB and my FB. Thanks for the ideas, Keith
  14. crazeuk

    crazeuk New Member

    I am not sure if this is a dead thread now.
    But i know f2"riendcaster for facebook" does just this.
    All the best
  15. bkgroup

    bkgroup New Member

    Use friendcaster to use multiple facebook account on android. I am using it and it is much more faster than default facebook android app.
    Friendcaster for facebook features: 1.You can do status updates, share photos, send messages, add events, groups, checkins etc from your device.
    2.Login to multiple Facebook account on your android device.
    3.Faster than default Facebookandroid app.
    4.Instant notification on notification bar.
    5.Customizable Beautiful themes colors.

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