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  1. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    I've recently started experiencing issues with my S4 (out of warranty) which almost are making me want to go back to my S2 Sky-Rocket. I am running on AT&T Unlimited Go-Phone plan.

    It all began in early February when I started figuring out that I wasn't answering texts (extremely important to me as many clients text me for showings instead of calling me). I usually work from the home office, hence it could not be an issue with my location (I constantly have 3-4 bars of service and LTE).

    Towards the end of February my phone intermittently cut all service completely and text messages would not execute until the service came back on (usually 45 seconds - 1 minute). This could happen every hour during the day from 6AM to 2AM.

    I finally got sick of it and called AT&T who said the service in my area is one of the best in the state (the AT&T tower is walking distance from my house). They said they'd monitor my phone and look into it for a week then get back in touch. One week later they called and said everything is working great and that my device was defective.

    I went to the AT&T store and they switched my SIM card out for a new one, this seems to help for around 2 days, until it all went to shit again.

    I decided to tough it out and think the phone would fix itself. In the beginning of March the phone was in my back-pocket with Wi-Fi, GPS, Skype, Gmail, Internet all running simultaneously and heard a pop (my screen developed a notorious crack in the bottom left hand corner - no it didn't fall on the ground).

    I called Samsung who obviously said my phone was out of warranty and that I'd need to pay $200 for a new screen.

    Now it's almost April and earlier this week my phone began suddenly completely shutting off while I was texting and/or on a phone call for example. I love Android and have been running it on phones since it was around, but with the luck I'm having with this phone and finding it hard to say I will be sticking around much longer.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately i don't really have a fix. I am surprised that neither AT&T or Samsung didn't advise doing a factory reset. if samsung wants a $200 fix, i would personally abandon the S4 in favor of either another Android or iPhone 5.
  3. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    This is my last resort, AT&T suggested it and I will do it if I exhaust all other alternatives.
  4. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    Any other suggestions before I do a factory reset?
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  6. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    Went ahead with a factory reset. So far so good, no issues yet to report. Fingers crossed.
  7. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    Bad news - so problems started up again. Even in safe mode my phone cuts service every now and then. Called Samsung they said they'd look into it for me, but would have to charge me $200 to replace the front cover glass even though that's not why I would be sending it into them for. I assume now that it has issues in safe mode the apps I've downloaded have nothing to do with the intermittent service cut outs.
  8. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    I still say, no way would I do that.
  9. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    No idea what to do at this point.
  10. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    Im not familiar with the Go Phone plan. Can you take advantage of the Next program and get a new phone (Android, Windows or iOs)? I think I'd do that before paying $200 to fix the screen on a problematic device.

    The new HTC M8 has overcome half my objections by including SD card capability. Now if they would just make the battery user replaceable. But they still insist on using that darn metal case which I am not a fan of. Or how about a Lumia? Or new GS5?

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