Multiple Launcher Failures

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  1. vacren

    vacren New Member

    I've read through the fixes on TW Launcher fails, they all say to either factory reset (becoming a real option real fast) or to install a new launcher.

    I installed Go, which immediately failed.

    I installed ADW, which immediately failed.

    I installed 7, which immediately failed.

    I can install from online but I can't manipulate the phone at all other than to select the launcher after installation, so I'm unable to get to app settings to fully disable TW (which I suspect is the root cause).

    Now I'm looking at backup options, but since my phone is a very pretty paperweight, I need one that will allow me to manipulate it from my computer or an online server.


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    The installation of the new launcher failed? Or trying to run the new launcher failed?

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