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Multiple phone contact entries

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  1. AndyRoydt

    AndyRoydt Member

    I have a SGS2
    Just about all of my phone contacts now have duplicate entries. One with an earmarked page lookin thing with a yellow thingamajig doohicky deelymabob. What's the deal with this?

    Anyone sprechenzie googlese?

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    How about screenshots of that thing you are talking about.
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    If you have multiple contacts you might want to go into the contact app and then go into Settings and then go into Accounts to show...and click what accounts you want to be able to see when you open your contacts list.
  4. AndyRoydt

    AndyRoydt Member

    Thanks. This is weird. I only see one account there. Then I went to a contact that I've had in there for years, and the contact phone number somehow changed to a recent caller's number. Very bizarre.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    How many google accounts do you have on your device?
    When you look at your device are you storing all contacts on your phone or in your gmail account?
    Are you using Facebook, twitter or any other service that brings in contacts?

    I would suggest that you go on a desk top open up your gmail account, click on contacts and edit duplicates there.

    Do you know how to edit dups on GMail?
  6. tanda

    tanda Member

    Hi, I'm no expert to all this, but I had the same problem, the" earmarked page lookin thing", doesn't that mean its a sim card contact, and the one without it, is a phone memory one. I couldn't add contacts to groups unless I added them to the phone memory, once added, they appeared twice, one with the "earmarked page lookin thing".
    Hope this helps.
  7. AndyRoydt

    AndyRoydt Member

    I got into gmail acct on desktop, but don't see any reference to editing contacts. Have no idea how to edit dupes there.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    When you open up your contacts, do you see any duplicates?

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