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Multiple phone entries - how can we condense it?

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  1. Keith.Barrows

    Keith.Barrows Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 23, 2009
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    What is up with multiple "categories" in the phone book. By categories I mean:

    • Google
    • Exchange
    • Phone
    • etc
    I have double and triple contacts in my phone now. :mad:

    I've knocked out Google altogether as I never used it before my Droid (HTC Eris). I sync with my personal laptop and it is running Outlook. I also setup an exchange point for my work info and I get all of the *SAME* contacts with that. <grrrrr/>

    Is there anyway to delete the contacts off the phone without losing them in my exchange connection? Also, when I add a contact via the phone, I cannot figure out how to get it to sync into exchange.

    The current sync map I want to move to is:

    Exchange (work) --> Plaxo.com
    Outlook (personal machine) --> Plaxo.com
    Eris Droid --> Exchange only

    That is, if I can figure out how to sync manual entries on my phone to exchange!

  2. fredphoesh

    fredphoesh Active Member

    Dec 30, 2009
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    Hi there,
    Ive had many phones and I have never succeded in syncing both ways with more than two places. If you make one the master and sync from there, thats ok, but if you do it both ways and between any and all of the sync points, you are in for duplicate hell...
    I know it "shouldnt" be that way, but im yet to hear about it working, on any system. I think the problem is there is no one completely uniform system.
    sorry I cant be helpful
  3. crumbkake

    crumbkake Member

    Feb 2, 2010
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    Well, the problem is most likely because every time you run that workflow GMAIL thinks you've added a new contact. I'm not sure of the easiest way to solve that particular problem. Someone here can maybe explain if there is a way to stop GMAIL from syncing contacts, but frankly that defeats some of the appeal of android phones. As far as having 3 of the same contact you can merge them through the contact "address book" in GMAIL as well as change the categories for how they are displayed (i.e. creating groups that you then place your contacts into instead of the default).

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