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Multiple Recipient messaging on Facinate

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  1. paschen812

    paschen812 New Member

    Does anyone know if the "group" feature can be turned off?

    I do not like when sending a picture to multiple people any replies go to everyone on the contact list BUT me. Then I get a bunch of messages from friends asking who I am because MY replies went to THEM instead of ME.

    I hate to think that I have to copy and paste a picture into 20 individual text messages... that would be awfully time consuming but if the group feature can't be turned off I guess it's a pain I will have to bear... my friends do not like having their phone numbers spread out to people that I may know but they do not.

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome Paschen!
    I am moving this thread to the Samsung Fascinate forum, where you may get an answer sooner.:)

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