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  1. gnusman

    gnusman Member

    I must be a dolt. I'm coming from an OG Droid, where it was easy to use a different notification sound for each e-mail account. But I can't figure out how to do this on the Rezound. It appears that there's no option other than to turn the notification sound off and on for each account, without being able to customize exactly what that sound is. Is there a way to assign a unique sound to a particular e-mail account, or are we stuck with one, single notification sound for ALL of the accounts?

  2. gnusman

    gnusman Member

    Seriously? Dozens of people saw the question, and nobody can offer any advice? These are supposed to be FRIENDLY forums! :) There must be somebody with some words of wisdom?

    I would guess there's probably "an app for that" that would allow different notification tones to be assigned to different accounts, but I was really hoping to avoid going that route if at all possible.

    Any sage advice would be greatly appreciated...
  3. tproctor

    tproctor Well-Known Member

    What mail app were you using on the droid?
  4. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Well-Known Member

    I know there are a few apps on the market that allow this. gmail unread (I think that's the name), but some of these apps (at least that one) are older, not sure about the update status, could, may, may not work.

    I used gmail unread and it worked great, but that was back in the Dinc days of hell.
  5. gnusman

    gnusman Member

    Used the stock email on Droid. Each account allowed an individual notification sound. I'm starting to believe that I'm the only one bothered by this on the Rezound...

    Thanks for the app advice, I'll check them out..just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something buried in a menu someplace.
  6. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Well-Known Member

    I looked and couldn't find any setting to set a notification for each account. I have 2 and both use the same sound
  7. tproctor

    tproctor Well-Known Member

    Not sure what the stock app on the droid is, but I looked at both the stock HTC app and gmail and apparently they do not support it.
  8. brickberry

    brickberry Member

    Can personalize everything. I luv it. Wish I could make my dang LED notification light change colors like my old BB, but in exchange I dont' have to have a BB. I'll take that.
  9. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    We can customize the sound with a 3rd party email app but it's a paid app (not free). The Profimail app, using its Rules feature... if the "To contains (your email1) then play (this alert1)". Add multiple rules for multiple domains/email addresses. We can also make a different rule if the email is from a certain person... "From contains (email9) then play (this alert9)" or show in a different color, etc. However the alert/sound part becomes a mess when multiple emails in multiple accounts or from multiple people on the special rules arrive at the same time:) The Rules in Profimail is actually a very powerful feature - i also use it to delete (or mark for delete) spams with certain keywords in the Subject/Title line, etc. Only two issues... Profimail is not compatible with Exchange server (use Moxier/etc) and the email's HTML rendering is not pretty (forced/strange formatting) but all the graphics/text is there.
  10. mariowerx

    mariowerx New Member

    From gmail, hit menu then tap more.

    Tap settings

    Tap the account that you want to modify

    Scroll to the bottom of the list that appears and choose "labels to notify"

    Tap inbox (ignore priority inbox)

    Tap ringtone

    From there you can pick your ringtone.
    someone else showed me this​
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  11. gnusman

    gnusman Member

    Yeah, no question it's easy for a gmail account. But for your standard pop3 email accounts using the stock email app, there does not appear to be any similar option. I've been trying K9 for the last couple of days, and it appears that it allows different notification sounds for different accounts, so this may be the solution.

    Still sharing the e-mail sync problems others have noted though. With 3 pop3 emails on the stock email app, only the first one syncs when the phone is idle. The others don't refresh until you pick it up and open the app.
  12. caseyindc

    caseyindc New Member

    damn...thanks mariowerx! could they have buried that any deeper?? it wasn't even that complicated on my Sensation. Sheesh!
  13. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

    mariowerx that was brilliant couldn't figure that one out. Perfect
  14. Selilea

    Selilea New Member

    Thanks mariowerx!
    Can't believe how long that took to locate, I've been looking for exactly that for the past month. :D
  15. tCizzler

    tCizzler Well-Known Member

    Also try this...

    From home screen, press personalize in the bottom right corner, then, on the next screen, go to sounds, also in the bottom right corner, then press notification sound, which will be the third option from the top.

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