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Multiple Wav Files HELP

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  1. TennFOX

    TennFOX Member

    I need your help. I have an app that I made thats very simple. A button has a picture on it. You press the button and it changes to a different picture and plays a sound. Theres a timer on the button so the picture switches back to the original picture. I want to either add more sounds to the second picture or better yet have many sounds that play at random. so each time the button is pushed the picture flips to the other image and plays a random sound. maybe 4-5 sounds.

    Can anyone help me with the code blocks? Please

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  2. scottfromscott

    scottfromscott New Member

    email me the zip project file and i will work on it, or reply here with it attached.

    Scott Ferguson
  3. TennFOX

    TennFOX Member

    I thank you for your help... I think I figured it out. Im using lists and randomizes.

    What im working on now is a multi language app where you pick a language and it plays a mp3 along with a image. you can change languages but the images are the same. I know I have to use an index and several lists, but im confused on what the code blocks are gonna look like.

    The finished product would have a list picker. you pick Spanish. you see a picture of a tree and it says tree in Spanish. same thing if you click french or German. same picture sequence, just the ability to change languages.

    any ideas?



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